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Sudden Light

  This is a word for those who have been in a deep and painful birthing. This is not for all, but for the selected hearts that have been in an extended time of anguish, as you labor for the promises that God has uniquely given to you. The night...
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“The All Consuming Peace Of God” thru Christine Williams

“The All Consuming Peace Of God” (May 28) Please Me this morning. Announce out loud that you love Me. Say boldly, “I love you, Lord, Amen.” Say it again, and delight My heart, mind, and senses. Be still in My presence. Breathe Me in, My Children. Smell My sweet, sweet...
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“Stand Before Me In All My Glory” thru Christine Williams

“Stand Before Me In All My Glory” (May 15) Feel and sense the stillness of Christ all around you, Children, Amen. Seek My comfort by looking deep within yourself this morning. Look for Me and you will find Me waiting for you, Amen. Come into My love. Mine is the...