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2016 Archives

Julie Price: The Call of the Spirit! (video message)

The Lord is calling His people into deeper places of oneness.  He wants us to receive a fresh and continual infilling of His presence.  In this video I discuss just that; along with the process of having your wicks trimmed.  The Spirit is calling!  Fuel Up!     https://youtu.be/2yJgGYDQ6a4  ...
Prophetic Insight


 I have an army of prophets and ministers, called out ones, intercessors, worshipers rejected by the churches. They are of all ages, from old to young, diverse ethnic groups, hidden away for Myself, not attached to established churches. Though they were sent to My churches, and they have tried many...
2014 Archives

“Mighty Warriors of the Faith, Teachers Arise!!!”

 You “Mighty Warriors of the Faith” hear Me now. Even in this time of fiery trials, I strengthen you. You will forever come through the fire without the smell of smoke on you, as you look to Me.  I have called you to teach My people, to instruct in My...