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2016 Archives

Speak Order Into the Chaos! ~ Wanda Alger

  There is a reason the enemy loves to stir up confusion and chaos on the earth. He is terrified of what will happen when the sons and daughters of the Kingdom begin to operate in their full capacity to bring order and alignment to creation. From the very beginning,...
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What’s Missing in the Church?

I have been praying lately about what is missing in churches all across America. Many automatically try to say something spiritual like revival or another Great Awakening. However, what most picture revival to be like is far from what it actually is. Most think it's a few weeks of services...
Prophetic Insight

What You Think Looks Like Dis-Order Is Actually The Process Of ORDER, Rejoice For Your Redemption Draws Nigh In This A Season Of ORDER

As we fall into God's ORDER In Alignment with His Will and His Plan for our lives through Total Surrender at the heart level - TRUE REPENTANCE, ALL things that have been out of place or 'Out of Order' will be falling into place or alignment in this Season! Rejoice...