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Surrender – The Only Way Through ~ Wanda Alger

I tell you that you must surrender! That which is agitating your spirit and causing factions and arguments among you must stop. I am moving and having My way. I am answering your prayers. I am shaking, pruning and accomplishing My purpose because of your faithful intercession. But, you must...
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“God’s Final Seven Years (3 of 3) My Righteous Trees (God’s Offspring/Remnant); and Satan’s Two Horns/Trees”

...God said,"You hear heaven and earth together. You hear the Spirit. He comes, Amen Amen Amen, in a way never seen on earth; and this is what I’ll show you this day/morning, Amen..." {God} Rest. What do you see; what do you hear? {Chris} I hear birds. {God} You will...
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GLOBAL WARMING OF HIS GLORY (Prophetic Word 2016 Pt.2

December 31, 2015 PROPHETIC WORD FOR 2016 Part 2 "GLOBAL WARMING OF HIS GLORY" For several months now we have been hearing a lot of discussions in the media concerning a global warming. Scientific evidence shows that the climate system is warming and some have even called this a greenhouse...
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POSITIONED WITH A PURPOSE One day I was in my car at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green. The traffic was heavy and there were several cars in front of me also waiting to go. When the signal light turned green I looked ahead to see why...
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  ANGELIC VISITATIONS IN THE LIONS' DEN Every one of us are familiar with the story about Daniel in the Lions' den. It is not a fictitious story as some may think, but it is an actual encounter that Daniel experienced. As I read this scripture, the Holy Spirit began...
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