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Don’t Let “What If” Steal Your Promises! ~ Wanda Alger

Are you in a battle for your promises? Does it feel like you’re hitting walls wherever you turn and your previous momentum has been blocked? Do you feel as though your faith has suddenly left the room and you’re now standing in dismay and bewilderment as to what just happened?...
2016 Archives

Things to Watch for in 2016 ~ Wanda Alger

Heaven is using the national political and social chaos to mobilize saints this year to prayer, action, and the manifestation of God’s glory.  Even as the enemy continues to advance his cause, heaven’s cause is greater. If we are to join in heaven’s mandate for the revealing of the true...
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“Rejoice In Your Difference” ~ Christine Williams

There is a distinct difference between Mine and those still in the world. Children, I see this uniqueness and difference within you. Worship and praise Me for this difference. It is the same difference Jesus possessed while on earth; it is the same uniqueness He and Mine possess today. My...
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“I See The Seed Of Love Beginning To Spring Open” ~ Christine Williams

(July 26) When I look upon My earth, the anguish of My mind is soothed and erased as I gaze upon Mine now and forever. Instead of constant fear, anger, and anxiety within Mine, I see the Seed of Love beginning to spring open, bud, and blossom within them (see...
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“Stepping Forward In Obedience” ~ Christine Williams

“Stepping Forward In Obedience” Why? My Children sometimes ask Me, “Why?” Faith is often built within My Children when they do not understand “why.” When you move forward without complete understanding, you step forward depending on Me. You must often abandon logic and all mental contemplation, and step forward in...
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“Stand Before Me In All My Glory” thru Christine Williams

“Stand Before Me In All My Glory” (May 15) Feel and sense the stillness of Christ all around you, Children, Amen. Seek My comfort by looking deep within yourself this morning. Look for Me and you will find Me waiting for you, Amen. Come into My love. Mine is the...
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Leaky Vessels Can’t Hold Blessings

    A leaky vessel is one that murmurs and complains...Every idle word will cause a leak to spring forth.  A leaky  vessel is always negative and never has anything positive to say about anything or anybody... A leaky vessel is ungrateful. A leaky vessel always expects the worst....A leaky...
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