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2016 Archives

Wayne Sutton: The Spirit of Prosperity Is Here!

The spirit of poverty is real and attacks those in the faith... AND outside of the faith. Why? The spirit of poverty is demonic and it seeks out to kill, steal, and destroy. It follows the darkness that it is... And as believers in the body of Christ, we must...
Prophetic Insight

Julie Price: God Wants To Bless You ~ The Truth About Prosperity Will Set You Free!

When I first began writing for Spirit Fuel, I had just experienced what I call a "divine collision". Divine intervention would probably sound better, but it felt more like a collision, because it stopped me in my tracks and got me going in the right direction again. I had never...
Spiritual Growth


 Through last night, waking many times, I had a sense that many were going through this place in their journey, I saw where the road had narrowed and they were feeling pressed on every side, but not destroyed. Many feeling the pressures of life, physical health and emotional health being...