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2015 Archives

Becoming A Better Servant Leader

The biggest problem in the church isn't that we don't pray enough. It isn't that we aren't being worshiping enough or preaching enough. It is lack of servant leadership. Many automatically assume that the only leaders are the Pastors of the church. The truth is that you can lead from...
Prophetic Insight

What You Think Looks Like Dis-Order Is Actually The Process Of ORDER, Rejoice For Your Redemption Draws Nigh In This A Season Of ORDER

As we fall into God's ORDER In Alignment with His Will and His Plan for our lives through Total Surrender at the heart level - TRUE REPENTANCE, ALL things that have been out of place or 'Out of Order' will be falling into place or alignment in this Season! Rejoice...
Prophetic Insight

Wendy Christie: The Breakthrough To The Overflow, “Harvest Is Being Released Even Now, To My Son’s”

The Breakthrough To The Overflow, "Harvest Is Being Released Even Now, To My Son's" by Wendy M Christie There is shifting happening in the Atmosphere, BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE!!! HARVEST IS HERE! This is for those who God calls 'Son's'. And the Lord said, "The time is Here and the Time...