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What Will the American Church Look Like by the End of This Year?

Amidst all the prophetic words being spoken today about what lies ahead, I believe there is one reality that we must prepare for: The organized Church of this nation is about to be turned on it's head and begin to function in smaller units, not bigger ones. It's going to start looking a lot...
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“This Is Christ’s Newness” thru Christine Williams

“This Is Christ’s Newness” (June 11) Write, My Cherished One, Amen. Love abounds, Amen Amen and again Amen. Trust comes in great abundance now — a trust and faith not seen for some time, and then a trust that exceeds all that was previously known. At first they will call...
Prophetic Insight


 I have an army of prophets and ministers, called out ones, intercessors, worshipers rejected by the churches. They are of all ages, from old to young, diverse ethnic groups, hidden away for Myself, not attached to established churches. Though they were sent to My churches, and they have tried many...
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