Spirit Fuel Invites You To Give An Offering Today

Do you enjoy Spirit Fuel? It takes a dedicated team to keep this ministry up and running. It is good soil to sow into! God bless you as you give right now in this special moment!


Prophetic Insight

Your Marching Orders for March 2015!

  I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that March 2015 is the month that you will receive your marching orders! Many have been waiting on the Lord for specific directions. God says that this is the season where He is speaking clearly about buildings, lands, houses, cars, job opportunities,...
Spiritual Growth

“Spiritual Breezes”

The Spiritual breezes move Mine, saith the Lord God. These breezes come as My Spirit of holiness, My Holy Spirit, breathes Himself out into the physical through you. You, yourself, can exahle Him out into the physical atmosphere and change the circumstances around you. The Holy Spirit is the Light...
2014 Archives

How to Breakthrough!

The Lord has been speaking to me today about His body. There are many who are stuck. Many who are out of place and not living the dream that God has placed in their heart. Many are struggling. Signs that you are struggling are depression, financial struggle, anxiety, church hopping, longing...
Prophetic Insight

I Saw Churches Exchanging Names For Christmas And The New Year!

In the Spirit I saw churches exchanging one another's names for Christmas and the New Year just like many families do this time of year in order to show their love to each other through exchanging gifts. I heard the Lord speaking to many pastors and churches this season. "Would...
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