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Do you enjoy Spirit Fuel? It takes a dedicated team to keep this ministry up and running. It is good soil to sow into! God bless you as you give right now in this special moment!


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Hearts are Healing

    To those who have obtained like precious faith with us by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ: You have come after Me for the eternal treasures of Heaven. You have not sought after the things that are temporal and earthly. Arise, children of God! I...
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How Can I Encourage Others?

“Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential.”   1. Most people don’t have any faith in themselves. Most believe that they will fail. Even when they see a light at the end of the tunnel… they are convinced it...
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Jo Ellen Stevens ~The Heat Up In August And Seismic Activity~

The Heat Up In August And Seismic ActivityThe Lord just spoke and said that "you are in a lull right now but starting in August things are going to start heating up!! Get ready for things to accelerate in July and there will be more and more activity in the...
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