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A Time to Fan the Flame of Prayer for America

Although this is a word specifically for America, it is a word that should be heard and heeded by every nation. This is an invitation into invocation. As I awoke this morning I heard the words, "It is time to fan the flames of prayer throughout America." For a number...
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The Promise of God is Upon The United States of America

Kathi Pelton www.oceansinthedesert.com Last week when I went onto Facebook and saw my news feed filled with photos of The White House lit up with the colors of the rainbow; instead of feeling indignation my spirit began to leap with joy. Why? Because the Spirit of God quickly spoke to...
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  Over the past few weeks the Lord has been stirring my heart in regard to Canada’s destiny and a coming invasion of the angelic host. God has chosen specific nations, released to run at appointed times in History as the catalyst for the unfolding of His transcendent plan. The...