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2015 Archives

Freedom For My Bride

Beloved, I am taking you into a place of freedom, liberty, victory. Where you once felt restricted, closed in, you are now coming into a place of release. In this season, My beloved Bride, I am bringing you out to proclaim praise, honor and glory to your King. You know...
Prophetic Insight

The Eye Of The Lion – A Word To Apostolic Warriors

It's time for Signs, Miracles and Wonders! The Eye of the Lion is within you. You have singleness of vision and an excellent perspective. Glory is upon your lips for you have tasted the freshness and the empowerment of the Lord. You are about to embark on a territorial victory...
2014 Archives


We walk together hand in hand. We search out the word together. We talk together. This is what I have called you to, to walk with Me and talk with Me. You will go places many do not want to go. You have a holy hunger for the true and...
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