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“Embrace (With Video)” ~ Christine Williams

"Embrace them... and clearly see the mystery in My Church, My Wife, revealed." Precious Ones, come to Me now, saith your Lord. Come before it is too late. Children, come. Bring with you all that you can gather. My Sweet Hearts, come. Daily, bring with you all who will come....
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“My Wife” (Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children)

My Wife A beautiful day comes forth from beautiful hearts, Children, Amen Amen and again Amen. As I look upon Mine this morning, I see that My new creation has given birth to so many; and My Little Ones spring forth at tremendous speed. I speak of the hearts that...
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Christ Hands His Royal Blue Key To His Priests & His Sword To His Kings (Remnant and Wife)

Christ Hands His Royal Blue Key To His Priests & His Own Sword To His Kings (Remnant and Wife) (April 4, 2015) This morning, as I sat in prayer, God said, "Go forth each day, Beloved, and let Me take your hand in Mine; together we will walk this path. ...
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Christ Marries His Bride, Wife and Spiritual Church

  While in prayer this morning, I saw a beautiful sparkling white and golden light.  As I concentrated on how beautiful this was, I noticed that the light filled the whole sky. The light and sky were held within a robe, especially the skirt, and appeared to be dancing.  I...