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The Prophet is Called

"You are stepping into the waters of trust that are deeper than you can walk in your own mind. My ways are not your ways. I am calling you to walk on water. The only way to avoid sinking is to trust me. Look into my eyes and not the...
2015 Archives

The Latter Day Rain Is Now The Promised Torrent (Part 1) ~ Christine Williams

The Latter Day Rain Is Now The Promised Torrent (Part 1) ~ Christine Williams   (Part 1; May 21-23, 2015) May 21, 2015: This morning, as I was in my quiet time with the Lord, I saw Jesus standing in front of me in the rain.  He was standing in...
2014 Archives

Jo Ellen Stevens~ “God Is Raising Up Prophetic Intercessors For The Harvest”

  "God Is Raising Up Prophetic Intercessors For The Harvest" Laying on the floor of the old "First Assembly Of God Church" on a beautiful Saturday morning with my mother in the back of the Church praying. I began to worship God soon after it seemed as if all of...
2014 Archives

He Loved Me, When No One Else Did, He Saved Me When No One Else Could.

WHAT YOUR MONEY CANNOT BUY? If I were to need anything, it would have to be the things that money cannot buy. Surely we cannot buy the Presence of the Lord Jesus. The things of most value, not everyone can have; only those who ask of God, seek and knock...
Spiritual Growth

The sacrifice to be slaughtered is YOU!

You have what it takes to endure the crucifixion of the flesh...the horror and the pain and the torture… that is what you are doing... the sacrifice to be slaughtered is YOU and the one offering the sacrifice is YOU...  Romans 12:1 “present your bodies a living sacrifice…” The verse...
Spiritual Growth

Who Is Forming YOU?

You are not to be formed into another one’s mold. You were created by God - and he formed you and knew you before you were ever born... You were not created to fit another person's mold - you were formed to prosper and advance into the Kingdom of God...
Signs and Wonders

Prophecy In The Church Today!

Prophecy in the church must be restored as we walk into the fullness of the Kingdom of God.  Yet for a proper restoration, we must truly seek both understanding as well as spiritual revelation. Yet, even understanding and revelation will not suffice, yes even both of those wonderful points are...
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