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The Audacious Month of August – A word by Lorilei Cooley

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The Audacious Month of August 

A word by Lorilei Cooley

I heard the Lord say, “Audacious August”. As I looked up the word audacious to get more insight into the word. It entails the meaning to be bold, courageous, risky, adventurous, fearless, and unafraid. Of course the list goes on, but I felt that those few words described pertained more to the word audacious and to the move of this month.

I felt the Lord saying that this month there will be new avenues to adventure on and some things He may lead you into may be risky, He may have you take a leap of faith or step out into the unknown. As you do, know that the Lord is with you and you will know it is the Lord leading you. Because it will be nothing like you expected.

Although, there may be a bit of resistance and barriers in the way but as you follow His leading and press through you will see these things will break open and break through. You are stepping into new lands and territories that you have waited a long time to step into. The enemy has come relentlessly over time to oppose and try to stop you from entering in for so so long. But, I felt strongly that the Lord by His spirit is empowering you in strength like you have never known before and to do what you cannot do in your strength but in His strength, His empowerment.

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He is lifting you up higher to see the new things that He has prepared, planned and that are coming through for you that are now just ahead. The things you did not expect, the things you didn’t see coming, and the things you didn’t know He could do. He is going to do.

For many it is time to step further into your calling and mantle. The realms of influence He is calling you into that He has prepared for you to walk into and handle the weight of it.
I heard this scripture resound loudly in my spirit as I wrote this word out.

1 Corinthians 2:9 “That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.

The demonstration of the power of His word is going to be so evident in your life. You will see His kindness, His goodness, His provision, His favor and His love towards you as you see the demonstrative manifested power of His word manifest.

The places and people the Lord has prepared for you to align and connect too, will be so unexpected and out of left field. But, what I felt the Lord saying, is that what He has prepared for you in that, that you truly have no idea to what He has prepared and planned. What He is bringing together for you is going to make up for all the pain, trials, and disappointments from the last season.

Many will be left wondering how did you get there, how did that happen it is because the favor of the Lord that is upon you is what is going to get you there. It will be nothing that you can do on your own strength or ability, but it will be in His of what He can do for you!

Lorilei Cooley
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