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The Beggar and the Mezuzah – A Word by Matthew Lowe

Matthew Lowe

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There was a certain man who lived in a certain city. He was not wealthy and was seen as lazy and incompetent. His only means of survival was to beg for scraps. One day, he is walking down the street and comes across another man. This man was a small business owner and was well known and well liked in his community. The beggar approaches the business owner and asks, “Sir, I am hungry. Would you spare me something to eat?” The businessman, not even raising his head, responded, “I have nothing to give you.” The beggar walks away and finds an alley to sleep in.

The next day, the beggar is walking down the street and finds the same businessman. He walks up to him and says, “Sir, I am hungry. Would you spare me something to eat?” The businessman says again, raising his voice, “I have nothing to give you.” The beggar walks away again, dejected.

The following day, the beggar is walking down the street. He sees the same business owner and walks up to him. “Sir,” he began, “I have not eaten anything for the past few days and I’m desperate for something to eat. Please, if there is anything you can spare, would you spare it?” The businessman stops and takes a breath. “Come with me,” he says to the beggar. They walk to a neighborhood where the business owner lives. The beggar looks at the doorpost of the home when something catches his eye. It was tubular in shape and had gold plated encasings on the top and bottom. “What is that?” the beggar asks. The business owner looks at him and says, “That’s called a mezuzah. It’s meant to serve as a reminder of what God has done for me and how I should respond in kind to others. These past couple days I’ve looked at this mezuzah and was reminded of the commandment to love my neighbor as myself. For too long I have ignored that commandment. But when you came up to me and asked a third time for something to eat, I realized it was time to take that commandment seriously. Come on in. Join me for a meal.”

As we enter into the Jewish New Year, let us be reminded of our calling to love God with everything that we have and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The Hebrew Calendar Year of 5784 is a year of special importance, as it is a year where God is calling His people to return to their First Love. Their First Love being Him and Him alone. Only when we discover just how much God loves us is when we are able to love Him. And when we love Him, we are able to love our neighbor. Are you hungry for Him? Are you hungry for His Love? Do you His people as He does? Or are you seeking that which will perish in the fire? Let us be like the beggar whose hunger for Jesus is so strong that nothing else matters. And let us be like the business owner who does not withhold the blessings that he’s been given, but to share them with those who are in need.

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