The Blood Still Works – A Word by Deidre Davis

Rev. Deidre Davis is an ordained minister of the gospel and has preached the Word and has ministered. from cities like Chicago, Illinois to Teguchigalpa, Honduras. She is the founder of G.A.P.( God Answers Prayer) Intercessory Prayer Ministry and facilitates weekly prayer lines. She teaches prayer and spiritual warfare. Her greatest desire is to see those that are lost, broken and hurting be enlightened, enabled and empowered by the Word of God so that they are able to live righteously, and victoriously in times such as these.

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The Blood Still Works – A Word by Deidre Davis

Deidre Davis

Email: [email protected]

I’d had the same surgery on my right leg 10 years ago so I wasn’t worried. I trusted God to bring me out just like the last time

On April 30th I entered Munster Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana for an aortal femoral bypass. This procedure is to enter thru the femoral artery to reestablish blood flow to the leg.

About a month preceding my surgery I began asking God, that as the Drs renewed blood flow to my leg, that He would renew me. (lol, sometimes we have no idea what we’re asking for)

I thank God for the men and women who pray regularly on my behalf. Let me be clear. I, too, am a warrior. And I believe God at His word that the prayers of the righteous availeth much!

God brought me through the surgery without incident and after a brief stay I was discharged home. Two weeks later, at my follow up appointment it was discovered that my groin wound had opened. I was given a referral to the wound clinic, and the wound was cleaned and dressed.

I started feeling bad around May. Pain and bleeding at the groin, fever, chills and confusion. At one point my blood pressure dropped to 70/40! And I was rushed back to the hospital.

This would be the first of many hospital admissions in 2018 and 2019.

While in the hospital I began bleeding profusely from the groin and underwent emergency surgery to stop the bleeding I found out that day that my faith was. a lot stronger than I thought because with both my phone and call light within easy reach I used phone 1st to call a prayer partner, Genice, one of the most powerful Warriors I know. As she began to pray I then rang for help.It was then discovered that the live graft Doctor used for my surgery was infected with staphylococcus and now that infection was literally raging thru my bloodstream!

Doctors were wracking their brains, discussing this treatment and that treatment. I was being given massive doses of antibiotics via IV but my daughter was growing increasingly dissatisfied with my care. Then came what I called the Big Kahuna!

I was on the phone with my mentor and friend and 1st Lady when I felt a rippling sensation up my leg. Suddenly a plume of blood shot out of my groin and I grabbed my call light and screamed for help.  My first Lady knew to call my daughter. As the nurses desperately began applying pressure to my groin, I looked over at my nurse  and saw she was trying not to cry. I saw my life’s blood first spray, then recede to a trickle. By then my daughter arrived and I told her to call Genice again.

As Genice began to pray the Word of the Giver and Sustainer of life I looked to my top left where the blood pressure monitor was displaying a blood pressure of 50/17! But not only was I awake, but I was eerily calm and acutely aware of everything going on around me! (Psalm 41:3. The Lord will sustain thee on thy sickbed, He will remove thee from thy bed of illness). And if you’re reading this you know that God made good on His promise! He is oh so faithful!

That last bleed out did it for my daughter! After a heated confrontation with my Doctors, she arranged to have me transferred to one of the best hospitals on Chicago’s West side, where, ironically, she was employed as an MA. When we talked about the transfer, she said she had a warning from the Holy Spirit that if she didn’t transfer me I would not come out of there alive!!! I’d NEVER EVER heard anything like that come out of her mouth, but we know from the word that the Holy Spirit teaches, guides and leads us to the truth( Jn 16:13). I believed my daughter. Meanwhile this infection was trying its best to take me out. I entered that hospital and immediately felt a sense of peace, that all would be well. I had an amazing view of downtown Chicago, my room being private. Staff was kind and efficient and myself and my team of Doctors began a long and warm relationship that at times, went way beyond Doctor appointments on their behalf. I wasn’t financially privileged. I was just a 60 year old Black woman with only medicare to my name, lol. But please believe me when I tell you those Doctors showed me favor. (Prov. 3:4)

Especially my vascular surgeon. I don’t think I’ve met a more kind and caring man in my life and even tho we are thousands of miles apart, I think of him and remember him in my prayers.

Anyway, this would be the first of many admissions from 2018-2020. This infection was serious and my case was complicated. But it wasn’t complicated to my God. Before every surgery you know that lying wonder would whisper things like too old, too many surgeries back to back, you won’t wake up, etc. I am so glad to know the Lord and I’m grateful for every prayer partner I have. I meet with them via prayerline 2x a week, plus we pray together individually often. God brought me flying back from every surgery so fast that my surgeon told my daughter that I was a soldier. I had become known for prayer in that place. One of my team of Doctors even gave me a prayer shawl.

I was still being given lots of antibiotics so I was discharged home with a long term IV so I could administer my own ( my 30 year nursing career came in handy). God saw these present times in my life over 2000 years ago. He planned them. ( Ps 139:16 )

Besides administering my own IV, there was also a nurse that came to change my IV dressing and tubing 2x a week and change my wound dressings. My wounds were extensive and quite painful. This went on for 6 weeks but even after IV therapy was complete my wounds still required dressing.

There was complication after complication and that hospital began to feel like my second home. I spent much of 2019 in that place. At one point we received the news that the graft in my left leg was failing and they needed to amputate. I came through that surgery ok but a few days later Doctors told me that the stump was not healing and gave me two options. They could send me home on hospice and keep me comfortable while I waited to die, or, they could do what’s known as hip disarticulation, the removal of the leg, hip and thigh. As I said earlier, I am a warrior so the choice was really a no brainer. During this surgery they accidentally knicked one of my ureters so they put a stent in and a tube was placed directly into my kidney and attached to a drainage bag so urine could bypass the ureter while it healed.

I was transferred to a long-term care facility for physical rehab and wound care. God is amazing! This LTC was 3 blocks from home so I had a good bit of company. My grandsons would come visit after playing b ball down down the street so this worked out perfectly. After a while I was discharged home, but it wouldn’t last.
One morning I woke up to excruciating pain in my right leg. The whole leg was ice cold and the toes were blue. To make a long story short, the graft done in the right leg 10 YEARS EARLIER HAD FAILED! They had to amputate before gangrene set in.

Again, God brought me thru with flying colors! The Doctors and nurses were saying how amazing I was but the glory goes to God!

I went back for a follow-up with the urologist. He took one look at me and said “I remember you! I wondered what happened to you because we thought you were going to die in the hospital!” He was so happy, telling me that God still had work for me to do. I agree!

Eventually my wounds healed. Now that was cause for celebration because those wounds were excruciatingly painful! And they used what’s called a wound vac, a device that attaches to the wound and sucks out drainage. I hated that machine! Ì called it the flesh sucker!

Of course there were lots of back and forth but I managed to stay out of the hospital. In March of 2020 coronavirus hit the U.S. Staying in didn’t bother me, I was used to it.

In July of 2020 my daughter sold most of everything we had, packed up the family and the dog and drove over 2000 miles to Spokane, Washington. So here we are, in Spokane. I’ve got my Doctors and therapists and they’ve already made one of my prosthesis’s. Once I learn to balance on the one they will make the other.

It’s March 2021. I’ve been hospital free for over a year and I know it’s because God has kept me. This experience has only served to deepen and strengthen. my relationship with God. To a lot of folks, what happened me was cause to turn away from God but it’s not the time for that! When we are faced with devastating illness or loss, He’s there to comfort and console us and sometimes, as in my case, to heal, not only our physical bodies but to bring healing to our souls.
Yes this experience has deepened my relationship with God and here I am, in a new state and new state of mind, waiting on the next move of God’s Almighty hand.
I pray for those reading this that may be going through a similar experience. In your darkest moments, hold on to hope. Hope keeps the flame of faith and passion burning. Faith and passion keep hope alive.

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