The Breath of God is Releasing Restoration and New Beginnings over the Earth – A Word by Sarah Lee Case

Sarah is a native Texan and founder of Sarah Lee Casey Ministries. She is an Apostolic /Prophetic Revivalist and  itinerant minister with a passion to see the earth awakened by GOD ENCOUNTERS, healed and set free by the power of Holy Spirit and love of Jesus. She had a radical encounter with God where she was awakened, activated and received supernatural healing, deliverance, and impartation. She desires to bring the Kingdom and Glory of God to nations, see captives set free by the power and fire of God and walk into their God-given purpose, identity, and destiny.

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The Breath of God is Releasing Restoration and New Beginnings over the Earth – A Word by Sarah Lee Case

Sarah Lee Casey

Before waking the Lord showed me a vision of earth. Over the earth appeared an extremely large flagpole with this enormous beautiful flag waving over and above it. The flag was a deep bluish like color and had a beautiful yellowish/goldenlike butterfly on the flag. As the flag/banner waved sensed it was the BREATH of GOD BLOWING the flag side to side slowly but with great MIGHT and POWER. As the flag was blowing the butterfly began to come ALIVE and flew off the flag to the top of the ball of the poll and resided there. It’s wings were extremely large and MAJESTIC, it began to flap its wings at the exact speed and POWER of the flag. It was so POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

Flags are used to EXALT and CELEBRATE the Lord. Butterflies symbolize FREEDOM and NEW BEGINNINGS. The color yellow and gold are a representation of GOD’S GLORY, HOPE, JOY, PURITY, RENEWAL OF MINDS and SUNLIGHT. BLUES represent MIGHT, HOPE, HEAVEN, HEALING and FREEDOM.

Sense the Lord is BLOWING HIS BREATH over the EARTH and RELEASING  and RESTORING HOPE, FREEDOM, HEALING, JOY, REVIVAL, HEAVEN, FREEDOM and HIS GLORY where these things have been suppressed, repeated and destroyed.

Also was taken to ISAIAH 11:2 and sense a RELEASE of his spirit RESTING upon the Earth as the butterfly rested upon the top of this pole.

“And the Spirit of the LORD will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD.”

Isaiah 11:2

The spirit of WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, COUNSEL, MIGHT, KNOWLEDGE and the FEAR of the LORD are being poured out and much needed for right now for his children. Also highlighted was the word LEADERS. The LEADERS will receive as well in this hour, for it is much needed for such a time as this.

The Lord is REVIVING the EARTH and sending out his GLORY CARRIERS, HARVESTERS and FIRE STARTERS to every nation, tongue and tribe. While the enemy has attempted to come in with a spirit of fear, the Lord is TRUMPING this false spirit. It was sent as a last ditch effort to bring about discouragement and to abort the plans of the Lord over your life and destiny, but has been INTERCEPTED. The only fear to have is the FEAR of the Lord. I hear him say … DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT FEAR for this is not of me. Father is WAVING HIS BANNER of LOVE over the Earth and hear Song of Solomon 2:4:

“He has brought me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love.” and LOVE CONQUERS ALL. JESUS is PERFECT LOVE and PERFECT LOVES CASTS OUT all fear.

DECREEING and DECLARING over you today ISAIAH 11:2. Thank you Holy Spirit for your BANNER of LOVE. Thank you for your tangible and WEIGHTY GLORY. Thank you for your PRESENCE and POWER moving throughout the Earth. We keep all EYES on YOU and our EARS to YOUR HEARTBEAT, we reject the spirit of fear and RECEIVE your HOPE, FREEDOM, PEACE and JOY.  We RECEIVE and in return POUR OUT into others and your Leaders throughout the Earth in Jesus mighty name! Amen

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