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THE BRINK OF YOUR MIRACLE! – A Word by Dana Jarvis


I ask you, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” You have been praying and waiting! You know the Word of God and his faithfulness! You been crying out desperately for that breakthrough in your life. Whatever the need is in your life today, dare to believe God!
I know it feels like you been thrown in the furnace and the heat turned up, but don’t bend or bow and you won’t burn! Not even the hint of smoke will be upon you.
He will deliver you like he delivered Daniel. He will take you from the pit to the palace. You are standing at the brink of your miracle, just see it in your spirit and believe it is possible! God is sending that provision on eagles wings. He will be on time and his Word will not return void.
In the midst of your worst trial, remember the hotter the fire, the greater manifestation of his glory. The bigger the test, the greater the testimony, The bigger the mess, the greater the message! Whatever your hearts plea, for every need, every prayer, dare to believe God and see if he wont open the windows of Heaven for you.
Dare to believe God for every need you have. For every love offering of $25, $50 even $100 sown into Spirit Fuel, a decree of double we proclaim over your life in Jesus mighty name. Plant that love offering as a mighty seed and dare to believe God for greater once you sow it. Watch him open the windows of Heaven to pour out for you there shall not be room enough to contain it. Let the breaking through begin! – Dana Jarvis

Satan’s goal is to keep you distracted by the circumstance so much that you say “I’ll do it later, or I just can’t.”

Give SOMETHING and name it breakthrough. 

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