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Many desire a greater anointing but must be aware of the inherent challenges that a greater anointing often brings. I’m not talking about greater charisma or oratorical skill that is often mistaken for the “anointing”…but the true yoke destroying and demonic power demolishing anointing of the Holy Ghost. The greater the anointing the greater the warfare. By default, it will almost attract a higher level of persecution, demonic opposition, and spiritual warfare in your direction.

Jesus landed off of the coast of the Gaderenes (in the natural minding his own business) and the demoniac met him before he even started to minister. It was like an alarm bell went off in the spirit realm when he set foot on land. The kingdom of darkness could feel the reverberations of the presence of God he carried on his life without him preaching a sermon. Similar happened to Paul and his company at Philippi that the girl with the spirit of divination (psychic spirit) met them and followed them. This is one of the reasons two people (one with minimum anointing and one with heavy anointing) can go on a “missions” trip or foreign soil and have entirely different experiences. Certain humanitarian activities while good in themselves present no threat to the devil’s devices and control over the population of souls in certain territories. One person can go onto the same land and have no idea or inkling demonic resistance is even there. Someone else that the enemy sees as a threat may have an entirely different experience and come under direct attack. The anointing has a certain magnetism that will draw those who are hungry for God and in need of healing/deliverance; but it also will draw demonic opposition.

Many great “generals” of old who did great things for God under great anointings often had more issues and challenges in their ministry and personal lives because the threat they presented to the devil caused them to be high priority targets on the devil’s hit list. When you are not a threat to the devil, his plans, his schemes, or the bondages he has over people’s lives the attacks will be minimal and mundane. Hence, many can build big ministries and churches with little spiritual resistance as long as they don’t teach too in-depth or they don’t confront demonic powers & systems heads on. The enemy doesn’t mind you flourishing if you are not a threat. This is how the Pharisee system arose. It was a highly religious and scholastic system but did little to advance the Kingdom of God and demolish the Kingdom of darkness. John the Baptist appears threatening the status quo and loses his head. Jesus Christ appears casting out devils and dethroning chief spirits over regions and he ended up on the cross crucified.

So be aware as you pray for a greater oil also ask for a greater wisdom because it will be needed to STAND as the enemy throws more of his resources your way to discourage, defame, and try to defeat you!

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