The Divine Turnaround – A Word by Isaac Banuelos

Isaac Banuelos is a full-time Minister who walks in the prophetic, he is also a revivalist ready to spark up Revival fires wherever he goes. He takes the cloud of God’s Glory. founder of Temple of Glory Church in Fontana, California.  He has written three books on revival and the prophetic ministry. 
The Divine Turnaround
A Word by Isaac Banuelos
As I was sitting down just talking to the Lord, He said “a divine turnaround is coming, I will bring my power upon the Land. I will do great and mighty things that you have never seen. Things you have never experienced. My presence will be with you, my angels are all around you, don’t be distracted, don’t be dismayed don’t be scared. 
For I am your God, my people if you really trust in me. You will feel my angels all around you. For I have sent my angels to be with you. They are surrounding you; you’re covered with my blood. You are my people and I am your God. I’m going to pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Don’t panic, this is a time of seeking my face, of spending time with me of getting on your knees and crying out, because my ears are open to my children. I will answer your prayers, I want to manifest my power to this world. I want to demonstrate my kingdom in this world through you my sons and daughters. Pray my people, watch the people acknowledge that I did the miracle. 
That my people cried out, that my people prayed, and I have heard their cry. Wisdom is coming! A divine turnaround is coming! Awakening is coming! Miracles, miracles, beautiful miracles flowing from my throne are coming to the land. Something that the eye has never seen! The people in the world will cry out “God is real! God is real!” be aware I’m ready to speak. I’m opening your spiritual gates as you sit with me.
Spend time with me! You never waste time as you sit and spend time with me. I sit on my throne; I can be your God for eternity if you truly trust me. Watch and see my hand move throughout the earth. I’m ready to do a new thing! I’m ready to do something divine in the land. For my glory will go throughout the earth, my people have prayed my people have cried out. So now the world will see my Glory! The earth will see my Glory! I tell you my people “arise and shine!” “arise and shine!” didn’t I say it in my word? For it is written:
(Isaiah 60:1) (NLT)
 “Arise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all to see.
    For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you.”
The Glory of the Lord rises to shine upon you. My Glory will shine forth! Rivers of my Glory! Rivers of my power! Rivers of my Spirit will flow! And watch and see my hands do the wonders. It’s a divine turnaround! Straight from my throne! Spoken by my mouth! made with my hands.”
As I was there just hearing Him saying this, I was amazed.