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The Enemy Trembles at Life in The Womb – A Word by Bill Yount


“The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.” KJV Exodus 15:3

Recently, while ministering, I saw children as though they were being shot out of cannons, like cannon balls, flying into nations! I sensed the Lord saying, “There will be a proverb in the earth in the days to come: ‘This is how the West was won! This is how the East was won. This is how the North and South gave up and surrendered to the kingdom of God . . . ‘ Those ‘Cannon Balls!’ Balls of Fire coming out of wombs, nurseries, and children’s churches!”

Wombs, Nurseries, and Children’s Churches Were Turning Into Ammunition Depots Where Spiritual Weapons of Mass Destruction Were Being Built.

I saw God’s fire igniting inside of wombs, nurseries, and children’s Sunday school classes. It was not normal Sunday anymore . . . it was Son-Day!

Church in The Womb

“And it came to pass, that when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe ( John the Baptist ) leaped in her womb for joy; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost!” Luke 1:41 KJV

I sense once again many wombs will experience babies not only kicking but leaping with such joy, filling mothers with the Holy Ghost! Babies will be born crying, “Abba, Daddy . . Give me the nations!”


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Twins Will Be ‘Double’ Trouble For The Devil

There will be multiplied anointings upon babies. Twins will be born with a double portion anointing that will be multiplied in the Spirit. One will chase a thousand . . . but two will put ten thousand to flight! Triplets, and so on, will surprise the enemy with dynamite power that cannot be reckoned with. “A three-fold cord cannot easily be broken!”

Surprise Babies

“‘Suddenly’ Surprise Babies Will Surprise Many Parents. But These Babies Have Always Been in My Plans!”

Remember, if you suddenly discover you are expecting a child when you weren’t expecting it . . the Father has kept it a secret, and unplanned by you, so He could spring a greater surprise on the enemy, putting him in “shock and awe.” If you want to laugh like Sarah laughed, just wait until you hear God’s plans — and you will laugh like Sarah laughed!

I hear the “man of war” shouting louder . . . “It’s time to release My weapons of mass destruction against the enemy! Load the cannons with children and aim for the nations!”

“Ready – Aim – Fire!”

Bill Yount


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