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The Enemy Wants You Shipwrecked On People’s Chatter – But I Prophesy That You Are Coming Up Above The Swirl Of Words & Accusation In Jesus Name! – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston 

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A few days ago God spoke to me really clearly while I was driving. He said “I am taking you out of the swirl of chatter and constant bombardment because it is a DISTRACTION so you aren’t able to focus on what I AM SAYING & DOING!”

Right now many have felt like they have suddenly become lost in the dark woods of accusation, witchcraft, and being dragged through the mud. This is the enemy’s tactic to POISON YOU & EMBITTER YOU in a moment of strategic transition and upgrade.

The enemy has been planting offense bombs around relationships and trying to trigger people from old relational wounds. He is poking at insecurities and trying to spread lies and propaganda to tear at the fabric of covenant relationships.

He is trying to put a divide in marriages and family and create deep disconnect. He is trying to recruit people to speak his lies out and spread this poison to others.

He wants the atmosphere of your home to be one of such high volume noise and chaos that you lose your peace and connection.

The problem we face when we have chatter coming at us is that we tend to shift our eyes from the path ahead and onto the threats around us and behind us. It seems like a noble and just mission but it is a TRAP!

It’s important to be discerning and spiritually sharp but we can easily trade discernment for assumption and perception which then lead us on a wild goose chase.

The enemy wants you sliming people back and he wants you getting caught up in ground warfare but YOU MUST COME UP HIGHER!

I believe we are in a breaking point season where God is highlighting this because;

a) We can’t keep operating in this kind of war zone. It’s taking it’s toll and robbing the ointment.

b) Where we are going we can’t keep fighting this low level interference. We have to ascend higher above the demonic decibels.

c) God wants to see the body of Christ stop being used and conned into the enemy’s gossip and chatter games at each other.

So pray with me: This week me and my house are coming up above the noise! I bless my enemies, those who have cursed me, judged me, or spoken badly against me and I step out of all unforgivable and bitterness. I break these words and send them back. They cannot affect me or touch me any longer. My door is shut and the chatter can no longer even come up on my radar. I plead the blood and the finished work of the cross and I decree that these assignments of assassination are done and finished! I am seated in Christ in heavenly places so by faith I ascend high above the words sent to cut me down to size and I cling to the words of heaven over my life in Jesus name! 

“No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord” Isaiah 54:17

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