“The Father is For You!” – A Word by Cheray James​​​​​​​

Cheray James​​​​​​​

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As I lean into the heart of the Father, I know that it is his good pleasure to see his children lay claim to victories in all that we have been ordained to do. 

There is a lot of momentum in this year. Many prophetic voices have declared and echoed this revelation. Even with the momentum and openings that are being release to us, there is still resistance that we have to overcome. 2020 came in very front loaded with resistance for many of us.  That resistance brings great frustration. The objective of frustration is to cause us to shift our position in our hearts or to come out of agreement with God’s word over our lives. 

I want to encourage you now and remind you that your destiny has always been our Father’s GOOD PLEASURE. 

Ephesians 1:11 says 

“Through our union with Christ we too have been claimed by God as his own inheritance. Before we were even born, he gave us our destiny; that we would fulfill the plan of God who always accomplishes every purpose and plan in his heart.”

He fashioned you to overcome and be victorious. You were a purpose in the heart of the Father that he expressed as a person. He has a personal vested interest in you becoming everything that he preordained. Even so, the world is in need of it. 

No matter what you are facing, I declare that our Father is for you! He is partnering with you.   Jesus is interceding for you right now. Angels are dispatched to watch over you and assist you. He has given you a wiring and a set of gifts to enable you to be and to accomplish what he put in your heart. Let nothing shift you from that. 

I now pray that you would rest in knowing the Father’s heart for you. The word of God concerning you before you were formed echoes loudly in heaven. Our father is watching over His word even now. You will become! 

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