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The Father said It’s Time for Restoration – A Word by Taffie Beisecker

Taffie Beisecker

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In March of 2022, as I was going about my day doing some household chores, seemingly out of the blue, the Lord spoke to me, “It’s time for restoration.” His statement stopped me in my tracks as I felt the words permeate my entire being. In that moment, His tangible presence filled the atmosphere, and I knew that restoration for me personally truly had just begun.

Upon receiving this word and having His presence invade my space in such a tangible way, I was excited and right away wanted to share the word with His people. Although I partially shared it with a few close friends, He instructed me to wait before I released it fully. It was not yet His timing for me to share it publicly. For over a year, I’ve waited for Him to give me the green light to share this word, and now it’s time!

When the Lord spoke to me in 2022 that it’s time for restoration, I immediately knew the depth of what He meant. You see, some years ago, the Lord spoke to me the words no one ever wants to hear; “you’re about to enter a Job season.” A couple of weeks later, those words were once again confirmed to me personally through a well-known and seasoned prophetic voice.

There was a time in my life that I wished I could’ve told you that we both heard incorrectly about the Job season I was about to walk through. Years after the fact, although I cannot tell you it was a wonderful time in my life, I can sincerely tell you I would not trade the growth, and the depth that developed in me because of that season.

If you don’t know what it means to walk through a ‘Job season’, I suggest you read the book of Job in the bible, for a better understanding of what I’m referring to. To give you a quick summary, God allowed Job to be tried by fire, so to speak. Through Job’s loss – of pretty much everything in his life – he was refined through his sufferings and then restored with twice the amount of what he previously had.

Although, the Job season I walked through, came to an end several years ago, and I’ve been blessed abundantly in many areas of my life following that time, there remained some areas that seemed to not have been restored with twice as much, let alone even back to the extent in which they were prior to my time of trial by fire. But, the Lord said, ‘now’s the time’, and I knew He meant I would be restored with all that was taken away during the Job season.

Shortly after this word of restoration was given to me, the Lord began leading me to carry out some specific instructions He was giving to me. If I’m being transparent, some of what He was asking me to do, I sincerely did not want to do. Let’s just say, they weren’t my heart’s desire nor were they things I necessarily even enjoyed doing. All the while, He was continually speaking to me about the importance of stewardship displayed in a type of sonship walk in every task and every word He laid upon my heart to do and/or to give. A new depth of awareness arose within me, to simply trust Him in what didn’t make sense to me, and yet still commit all I was given as unto Him with praise and thanksgiving. Like I said, much of it didn’t make sense to me nor was it my heart’s desire to do, but as I followed His instructions, and He was directing my every step, He led me right into the doorway of His restoration. Since that time, I’ve been experiencing it taking place all through those areas of my life that otherwise would have seemed overlooked! It hasn’t necessarily been happening in the ways I had imagined it would, but nevertheless, it’s undeniably happening. GOD IS GOOD!

Oftentimes when we think of restoration, we tend to think it means everything will once again become exactly how it was previously. That may be what it looks like according to the world’s idea of what restoration looks like, but not according to God’s.

Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. 9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

You see, what we had prior to our time of loss may have seemed good to us. It may have even seemed like it was the desire of our heart, but we must remember that our Father in Heaven knows what’s best for us, including, He knows the true desires of our heart even so much more than what we do. Therefore, His restoration is a restoration of us into His divine will and His blessings rather than what we’re merely familiar with.

In February of this year (2023), the Lord said to me, “There’s no looking back.” And He gave me the understanding that ‘restoration isn’t about what’s in the past, rather, it’s about what’s in the present time and the time to come.’

Are you among those of the Body of Christ who has walked through a Job season of trial, testing and great loss? Are you facing the Lord asking you to do what doesn’t make sense to you? Are you being instructed to steward situations or responsibilities that you’d otherwise rather not be doing but you heard the Lord clearly direct you into it?

If so, this word is for you!

Be a good and faithful steward of what the Lord has given into your hand at this time – even if it’s not what your heart’s desire is. Show yourself faithful and then be ready to receive in faith because YOUR TIME OF RESTORATION IS AT HAND.

I am humbled to realize that one of the reasons the Lord told me to hold off for over a year before I delivered this word to His people is because He had so much more to speak to me and His heart was to have all of it given at the same time. In my excitement to hastily bring a message of restoration to you all, I would have been delivering a partial word rather than one in its entirety.

Maybe I shouldn’t speak for anyone else, but as for me, when I walk through times of trials in my life, I always feel as if it’s lost time as well. We’ve often heard it said, and most likely have even said It ourselves, ‘time is the one thing we can never have enough of, or ever get back.’ That’s absolutely correct, WE can never get back time…. but GOD can! Seem impossible? To us it certainly does, but let’s not forget that God is the One who turns impossibilities into not just possibilities but into realities.

The Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit that during this restoration process He is also redeeming the time on our behalf. Then He reminded me of a word He spoke to me in April of 2019. He said, “I am the Giver, the Keeper, and the Restorer of time. Therefore, do not fret over that which appears to be a delay. If you rest your trust in Me and lay it upon Me, that which you feared would not happen when your trust was elsewhere, will then manifest for you at the sound of My voice giving the command – ‘It is time.’ “

He has now said, it is time!

You might be wondering, what does redeeming the time look like? I can only answer that by what the Holy Spirit has shown me it looks like, which may very well prove to be only a piece of the whole picture. As you’re reading this or maybe as you’re praying it through afterwards, the Holy Spirit may very well reveal to you another piece of what this looks like. By all means, please place your piece of the puzzle with what He’s given to me and celebrate what He’s about to do in your life personally.

God revealed to me redeeming the time will look like the resurrecting (back into our lives) of the dreams and promises that have appeared to be dead and buried.

The next question might be, ‘how does that redeem the time?’ If we were to regain the opportunity for those dreams and promises to be reinstated into our lives, by the standard of the natural timeline we normally live by, it would most likely take just as much time to reach just the door of opportunity as what it took for all the time of the loss added together. Which in many cases could mean it’d be five, ten, or possibly even more years than that – simply to regain the door of opportunity. When the Lord redeems (or buys back, if you will) the time on our behalf, the process for those dreams and promises to manifest into our lives becomes accelerated in a way that only He can do, and the time in which we need to go from point A to point B and enter those resurrected dreams and promises becomes a suddenly. In other words, our time, by way of the Holy Spirit will be utilized to the utmost rather than dragging along without results to testify of.

Ephesians 5: 15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. NIV (The NKJV translates v16 as “redeeming the time, because the days are evil”)

Once again, even though the Lord has given us an amazing promise of redeeming the time on our behalf, that does not exclude the role of stewardship we are to take part in for this promise to fully manifest into our lives.

The last word I’ve been given to share with you is the word ‘retribution’. In all honesty, it took me by surprise when He spoke this word to me. This past March (2023), while in a time of prayer, I heard the Lord say, “Retribution is yours.” This wasn’t a word I immediately received in faith. It stretched me out of my comfort zone, and I questioned the Lord about it and asked Him to confirm to me that this was indeed His voice speaking to me. Interestingly enough, He took me to the book of Job and brought understanding to me in a way that I’d not had previously. 

The simple definition of retribution means to give back what is due. It can mean in the way of reward or punishment.

It’s common to perceive Job being “restored” in all that he lost. It’s not as common, for me at least, to think that Job received retribution for his losses, but that’s exactly what took place.

Job 42: 10 And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job was allowed to go through a time of testing with much suffering and loss. His suffering and losses were not due to consequences of an evil heart nor of unwise decisions, but merely to allow him to be proven faithful to God. Job remained faithful to God through it all and when the time of his testing was over – after he selflessly prayed for his friends (taking his focus off of self for the sake of others) – not only did he receive twice the amount of everything he lost but also (42:12) the Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.

Just as Job was restored and received retribution from the Lord, we too, as followers of Christ Jesus are being given the opportunity to show ourselves as faithful stewards unto the Lord and receive from our Father in Heaven restoration according to His divine and abundant will for us, the redemption of time on our behalf for the resurrection of those seemingly dead and buried dreams and promises, and retribution for our time of undue suffering and losses.

Let’s give Him glory, praise and abundant thanks, for He is good and there is no other like Him!

Abundant Blessings,

Taffie Beisecker

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