The Fire Power of God – A Word by Dr. Bob Allen

Dr. Bob Allen is a prophet and does the work of an evangelist, serving the Lord the last 48 years. An author, Bob recently published an autobiography Power, War and Love from Amazon (Print and Kindle).

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The Fire Power of God – A Word by Dr. Bob Allen

Dr. Bob Allen

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The Scriptures say that our God is a consuming fire. Over the years, I found it difficult to understand the firepower of God. I wondered how we could receive the fire and how we would use it in our lives or in our ministry. I saw many flowing in the Holy Spirit, but found it difficult to see the fire. John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize us with fire as well as the Spirit, which are two things. It should be a big deal. He said, “I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” (Luke 3:16)

As I lay down on my bed one night, I was taken to a large field. It was longer than a football field, and was more like a farm. I was leading a horse that was saddled up, and ready to ride. I was carrying a bouquet of flowers in my right hand and leading the horse with my left.

I came up to a village where I saw several white frame houses in a semi-circle or half-circle. Every home I saw was precisely alike. They were white and very clean and orderly. The yards were spotless. To the left and at the rear of each house, was a pile of debris-about three feet high. It looked like the trimmings from a small orchard. Standing in the back of each pile, facing the debris was a man with a torch in his hand without fire.

I came up to an angel on my right side who looked like a man, and I asked him, “What are all these men doing standing here with torches in their hands?” He said, “The Holy Ghost said when you light the fire, the rats and things will come running out and He can destroy them.” The angel did not use the word spirit, but very boldly said, “The Holy Ghost said”.

I turned and said, “Light them!” When I spoke, each man lit his torch, his brush pile and the fire fell from heaven and licked up all the debris. It did not leave as much as a matchstick! Then, every man was free to move forward. The flames rose up into the sky and formed like a blanket. The flames then rolled into a very large ball of fire; the ball of fire then came to me and consumed the flowers that I was carrying. Then,  consumed me. I was absorbed into the ball of fire, and I was baptized in it.

I struggled with the Lord for a long time trying to find a proper understanding of this. I finally realized it was to be understood little by little, as I ministered and matured along the way.

The men with the torches, but no fire, represented the children of the Kingdom who were truly living for Christ Jesus. The clean yard and spotless white house’s described the condition of the believer’s life. They had tried their very best to live for the Lord. These men did not have the authority of the Spirit working in their lives although they were good Christians who were dedicated to the church.

The horse represented my ministry, which was to come. I was not in the saddle because I was not ready. My flowers, what I thought my life looked like, were not accepted. They were the issues in my life. The Lord had to take away my brush pile. He will consume what we cannot get rid of in ourselves.

We need a better understanding of how to use the firepower of God. I believe it is like everything else, the Word of God makes it work. My words lit the fire when I used them. I said, “Light them!” Your words will work when you speak them out in faith too. I believe they could have lit those fires on their own if they had a better understanding of spiritual power, and authority as well as how to apply the blood of Jesus.

 “‘Is not My word like a fire?’ says the Lord, ‘And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?’” (Jeremiah23:29)

 “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly…” (Isaiah 33:14-15) 

Every man was blocked. They had gone as far as possible in their own power. The pile of rubble represented problems in their lives that blocked them from moving forward, issues that would not go away. They had pushed as hard as they could. The debris represented problems like the lack of spiritual power, lust, pornography, alcohol, drugs, procrastination, sickness, and out-of-control children… things that were eating away at them. The were things that they could not get rid of or control by their own power.

Evidently, the fire of God happens when the Holy Spirit moves on the subject just because you have spoken. The fire is released through the spoken Word of God. I did what the angel said I was to do. I said, “Light them!” I believe the people who are baptized with fire are those with the authority of God’s Word in their mouths. His Word is like a fire when it is spoken with power and authority. It is like a hammer that breaks down anything in the way. I kept thinking this vision or Word was for me but then wondered how many people I could help. That Word, to light the fire of God, is for all who will speak the Word with faith, boldness, and authority.

The fire comes when you get a hold of God and refuse to let Him go. Make it a priority to understand the baptism of fire. When the fire was lit, every man moved forward free from every hindrance. Let the words in your mouth become the fire of God that sets men free. Notice you have to light the fire before the Holy Ghost moves against the enemy. Rats and things represent demons or devils and strongholds that stand in your way. They are things that nibble away at your life and hinder you. They rob you of joy, peace, rest, prosperity, or the quality of life that you should be living as a child of God. The fire of God only comes from the Spirit of God, but you have to order it up. Get yourself in the battle Do not be afraid of the enemy.       

You have to pull down the strongholds, and you have to take authority over the enemy. Don’t be afraid of the fight; remember David did not make David famous, Goliath did.

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