The Glory Surfers – A Word by Ben Johnston

Ben and Chelsey have a heart that beats to see the family of God come together as one. They live to inspire people to pursue Jesus Christ, and intimately connect with Him in friendship. They are passionate about seeing people empowered to be culture changers that will transform families, campuses, workplaces and cities by the incredible power and love of Jesus. Ben and Chelsey married after both attending School of Ministry in Toronto, where their lives were marked forever to carry the fires of revival and to see God’s Kingdom advanced by the power of the Holy Spirit. After 6 years of serving in youth ministry together and leading worship for several revival conferences, they started WeR1 with the vision to activate, equip and release people into their God given destiny. Ben and Chelsey have 2 handsome boys Judah and Josiah. Website: wer1.ca  Email: [email protected] 
The Glory Surfers
A Word by Ben Johnston
I just went into a vision where I saw several huge waves crashing on the shores. They were creative glory waves and many were out with their surf boards. Some were getting ready to ride and each took off with great speed. Others hesitated thinking the waves would die down but they kept coming.
God is releasing creative waves in the earth. There is a grace for you to step into your new day now! Do not say “I will wait this out”. Ask Holy Spirit to fill you with courage and when you feel the urgency of heaven get out and ride!
Ride the glory waves of creativity. Be led and taught by Holy Spirit and start to rise so that God can use you to be part of bringing in the harvest. Promotion has a purpose it is unto the harvest and giving Jesus ALL the glory!