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Kaylie Hollin’s heart is to see this generation restored back to the heart of the Father by loving God like never before. Kaylie believes intimacy with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is key to walking in the fullness of God on earth as it is in Heaven. Kaylie moves in the prophetic and loves to share what’s on God’s heart to bring encouragement, direction and vision for the journey ahead. Website:

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“The God That Sees Things Through.” – A Word by Kaylie Hollins

Kaylie Hollins

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I sense strongly that many in the body of Christ are being TESTED BY FAITH right now to withstand the storms, to not waver in the commitments they have committed to even when things look impossible in the national. God stands with those who choose to look to Him as “THE GOD WHO SEES THINGS THROUGH, NOT THE ONE WHO GOES BACK ON HIS COMMITMENTS WHEN THINGS SEEM IMPOSSIBLE”

His promises, and His commitment to you is not always in plain sight. Go deeper with Him, be steadfast in your commitments, and watch how He will prove His promise to walk with you, provide for you, and stand by you so you can see through all you have committed to until the end.. Keep Him to His word to provide, and He will take care of all your needs.

Where does our help come from? Is it from our efforts, our striving, and our abilities? Or is it from the one who always SEES THINGS THROUGH? I believe He is the God who asks you to just keep standing, so that together, you can walk everything out that you were first set out to finish.

I believe we are in a time of TESTING OF ONES FAITH, to stand and WATCH how He helps and delivers us from every burden, and weight that so easily entangles.
“I am convinced that my God will fully satisfy every need you have, for I have seen the abundant riches of glory revealed to me through the Anointed One, Jesus Christ!” Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭TPT‬‬


We cry out to see God move in miracles, signs, and wonders, but we cringe at the thought of being in a situation where we need to fully rely on, and depend on God.

Maybe you are in a situation right now where, if God doesn’t pull through for you, you will loose everything you have. If this is you, I believe this is exactly where you need to be to see your miracle, to see your breakthrough, to see the mountains before you crumble at your feet. Oh what joy is set before those who choose to keep on believing in the one who is always faithful!

Maybe, just maybe; The answer to the current situation before you is TO KEEP STANDING IN FAITH— Faith in the one who promises to SEE ALL THINGS THROUGH WITH YOU!

Maybe this mountain was designed to bless your faith and your intimate walk with the Lord, and not hinder you after all.. Yes! maybe these set backs are designed to set you up for the many blessings to come.


“May supernatural help be sent from his sanctuary. May he support you from Zion’s fortress! May he remember every gift you have given him and celebrate every sacrifice of love you have shown him. Pause in his presence.

May God give you every desire of your heart and carry out your every plan as you go to battle. When you succeed, we will celebrate and shout for joy. Flags will fly when victory is yours! Yes, God will answer your prayers and we will praise him!” Psalms‬ ‭20:2-5‬ ‭TPT


Kaylie L Hollins

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