The Great Turn Over – A Word by Daniel Emerson

Daniel Emerson is a rising prophetic voice and apostolic reformer set to impact the world with a roar for spiritual reform. Setting himself apart for the coming Third Great Awakening his passion and mission is to equip, impart and launch the body of Christ into the fullness of its stature. He looks to plow and impact local and regional communities with ministerial outreach gatherings and prophetic evangelism. Daniel sets out to establish a life development & wellness center to shift the culture and generation, preparing many in their purpose to seize their portion with godly power to impact the world. Unleashing a Kingdom culture to be free, whole and legendary. Website: awakeningtorevival.com


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The Great Turn Over – A Word by Daniel Emerson.


Daniel Emerson

Email: [email protected]gmail.com


This is a prophetic message to everyone! This is your turnover season. This word, I believe is connected to the word Bob Jones released about the Chiefs coming. There is a spiritual interception taking place. Get ready. Position yourself church for 2021! 


There is a divine shift taking place. I heard the Lord saying during my visit to the gym on October 5, 2020 that there is a spiritual interception taking place. Now, that very night the Chiefs were playing, It wasn’t till later that night it hit me. He was speaking to me about the season ahead concerning the Church Prophetically. He also shared that we must position ourselves to be the partakers of the spiritual pivot. He marked in my spirit and called it The Great Turnover. There are only 87 days till 2021 and God is speaking to his people about turnovers, in hopes to produce counter intuitive and offensive actions. I believe that they are required to effectively shift the Nation and the church forward.


We have got to be ready! The entire purpose of a turnover is to leverage the motion of favor and organize a skilled plan against the opposing team. The favor of God presents the opportunity but it’s the positioning of sound spiritual leaders that will shift the entire prophetic season and year for this Nation through the Church.


As you may know, that turnover comes about with members known as believers who know the plans of the opposition and intimately knows the ability, power and skill of their team known as the Church.


These believers and leaders have studied the previous battles and seasons to understand the prophetic forecast that is ahead. It is through the various trials, testing and timing of this now season that I believe the church must leverage and utilize the last season of 2020 to position ourselves for the great turnover. Those who have been waiting, this is your moment!


It is especially important to be aware who God has teamed you up with throughout the last season. 2020 has been a year of repositioning and reforming. This is the formed strategy from Heaven; that we may take it all the way and rise up in the fullness of stature in Christ for the world to see.


I believe with these formed relationships and friendships God will be using teams with the game plan to run the course and set in motion the power of interceptions and turnovers for the kingdom of God in 2021.


This is just the beginning to a new season for greatness to arise in new and reformed leaders who are ready to run the race, step on the field and impact the land with their relationship as sons and daughters of the King. The question that was imposed to me was as follows. May they strike a call to action upon your life as a believer because you are called for great exploits.


Are you positioning yourselves for that call?

Is your heart postured and submitted to God and spiritual leaders? Can you submit to the play that God has appointed you to to bring about a collective spiritual come back when it pertains to the wreckage and condition of our nation church and the souls awaiting to be harvested?


Apostolic Reformer,
Daniel Emerson


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