My chief joy is to be able to worship Him deeply in dance.  Having been able to encourage the body of Christ through At The Father’s Feet Ministry since 2000 posting on sites as The Elijah List and several others.  I wrote as a small child by His spirit even before I knew Him through His saving grace.

The Hour To Rejoice – A Word by Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda Ballard

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Now is the time the Lord Jesus is calling His people to attention so that they may stand strong against the enemy for he is coming in like a flood to try to wear them down physically and to rob them of joy which is their strength.

They battle discouragement and even fatigue, but most are standing on the Word with head set like flint against the enemy to not back down.

They are pressing in standing on the promises of God and even though they have reason to waver in faith because of natural circumstance they choose to trust the Lord.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them of them all.

We are to count our blessings and not allow the enemy to rob them by distracting us from the faithfulness of the Lord.  Many are so bogged down with their problems they can’t enjoy what God gives them.  We must choose to smell the roses and breathe the fresh air and take a walk and look around at nature.

Many allow the enemy to tempt them to eat foods and drink that can harm their bodies.  Do we live to eat, or do we eat healthy in order to live?  That is the question.  What do we live for…the Lord or our belly?

I pray that we use God’s wisdom and to know His perfect will and have the grace to walk in it.

Yes, this is a brand-new day, a new beginning.  We have the choice to choose life or death.  Speak life over every situation and everyone you know.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  We will rejoice because this is the day God has made and He is a good God, and He is for us.

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