Prophetic Insight

The Kingly Anointing!



I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that a fresh oil is flowing from Heaven upon the church. This anointing is the Kingly Anointing. It is reserved for those who are fully committed to the call of advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom. This anointing is a necessity if the church is to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven. Signs and wonders will follow as the Word is carried out into fruition. This anointing is the apostolic power of God that empowers believers to move in the supernatural authority found in Christ our King. Not having the Kingly Anointing is what has kept many crippled in poverty and ineffective in their ministry.

The Kingly anointing will release wealth to finance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Kingly anointing will eradicate poverty from the body of Christ. Everywhere the Gospel is proclaimed goodness and love will follow. The Lord is empowering His body with divine revelation and teaching concerning kingdom finances. He is releasing angelic assistance. Angels of Breakthrough and Finances are working even as you are reading this prophetic word. Miracle money will begin to appear in bank accounts. Checks will arrive in mailboxes. You are entering a season of divine favor and abundance. You will know the riches in glory by Christ Jesus. This will be a direct result of the faithfulness and obedience of the saints. Those who have been faithful over a little will be faithful over much.

I am giving you access to the realms of wealth and abundance reserved for those who rule and reign with Me! Just as Solomon lived a life of luxury so will you. I long to give you nice things. Do not listen to the naysayers. The pruning I began in 2016 was to remove those who would not be able to tolerate the blessing that is about to overtake you. Because of their jealousy and judgment, they will remain where they are and be judged in the same measure they judge you. Those who celebrate you and receive you will be blessed because of your compassion and generosity. 

I am laying a new foundation in the lives of My sons and daughters. I have begun to remove the existing foundation. I must lay a new foundation that can sustain the fullness of that which I long to accomplish. I am calling you out of mindsets, programs, and the traditions of men. In this hour, I will move powerfully through those without an agenda. I am looking for those who have committed themselves fully to Me. I have shown you what is coming. I have spoken to you of the powerful things that will come in 2017. Embrace it all or embrace none of it. There cannot be any compromise. Yield completely to Me says the Lord. There cannot be any pride any longer. There must be purity in heart and in body. Cleanse your hearts and your hands. Do not be double minded anymore. I am calling you into the beauty of My holiness. As you surrender your lives you will begin to experience the fullness of everything I desire to do in your life. 


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Arise and shine chosen generation! Your light has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

The Kingly anointing will empower leaders to see and call out the value in people. Those that society has written off will find hope, healing, and protection. This pure oil from the Throne Room has not been mixed with anything. It is holy and consecrated for those who will do My will and obey My Word. Only those who obey Me and do what I am asking will move in this kind of power and authority. I must have your heart. Your mind must be renewed by My Word. Your body must be a living sacrifice ready to do My will. Receive the Kingly anointing that fulfills your destiny. I am with you and I will cause My Spirit to go before you as you move in the ease of My anointing!

In His love,

Rene Picota
Rene Picota Ministries



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What an incredible tool this book will also be to reach the lost in this hurting world we live in! Our expected completion date to get this book completed is quickly approaching and Spirit Fuel is moving forward with the final decision meeting soon. With your prayers and financial support, we can make this book become a reality. Thank you in advance for your giving!​​​​​​​

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