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The Lazarus Anointing Resurrecting The Fallen Ones & Broken Places – A Word by Nate Johnston

The Lazarus Anointing Resurrecting The Fallen Ones & Broken Places

A Word by Nate Johnston

In worship today I heard a gasp of shock and then an almighty roar of shouting and celebration in the spirit then I saw people coming like Lazarus out of a tomb. They were coming out of the absolute utter depths of failure and defeat, many who had given up and spiritually died, those who had been through the darkest years any man or woman could endure. I saw generals, fathers, and mothers, those that people had written off and cast aside, thrown away like last seasons thought and left to wallow in their misery. “My anointing has gone” they said. “My calling has been deactivated, I’m finished” they said.

But suddenly RESURRECTION POWER came to restore LIFE to dead places, hearts, FIRE to cold and wet wicks. Those asleep. Those lost in a moment, plagued by trauma and shame. SUDDENLY JESUS breathed LIFE again and tombs opened. Seasons and cycles of oppression and mental torment lifted. Principalities that warred against them suddenly relented. The dark valley was done. The tomb shook. They are coming back to life! Abandoned posts are being taken up again says the Lord. They are coming back! Fallen hero’s, fallen soldiers, fallen generals. Stones will not be able to penetrate. God’s anointing and glory will have its final word. Regions will Shake again as they come back.

But in this hour God is shaking every prison door. Every tomb that has left a trail of death and destruction. Homes that have been left in chaos. Marriages that were destroyed. RESURRECTION LIFE MUST COME! The shaking has to result in an OUTPOURING of GLORY! Watch now as you cry out to him in this hour that everything broken is made whole.

Holy Spirit come and RESTORE, and bring COMPLETION to destinies that were stunted half way, bodies that were afflicted, minds that were tormented, and REINSTATE your fallen ones again in Jesus name!

Nate & Christy Johnston

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