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The light that rules the darkness!


“God made two great lights–the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.” Genesis 1:16

My heart was heavy as some friends drove me home from a church service that we attend regularly on Saturday nights. The end of 2015 had brought with it a discouraging amount of trials and tribulations. Among other things I was apart from family at Christmas. My soul was weighed down by a heaviness I haven’t encountered in some time. As I gazed out the window of the car on the way home my heart felt as dark as the night sky I was looking at.

The word says to –

“Count it all joy when you face various trials.” James 1:2

And I know that through the trials God is producing something good. But this night seemed particularly oppressive. As I pondered the disappointments and unmet expectations of the previous year my heart grew heavier and heavier. The enemy was working overtime and it felt as if the darkness of the night sky would envelop me. As I stared out the window gazing into the darkness of the night suddenly – – – God spoke to me.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were beholding. There it was piercing the darkness of the night like an arrow through a target – a rainbow!

I had to do a double take. I have never seen a rainbow at night before. I told my friends to look out the window and when they saw it they were as astonished as I was! We pulled the car over to look.


There it was – a perfect rainbow in the darkness of the night sky! It was huge and panned across the entire nightscape of the West Maui Mountains. Of course we all grabbed our phones and tried to take pictures. None of which came out because all we had were our crummy phone cameras. So I borrowed this one online (source Wikipedia/joeovcc). But that’s not the point. The big picture was that we all got to share an incredible moment from God that we will never forget!

It was spiritual. God began to speak to me about his promises and though yet to be fulfilled were still very much true in the darkness as they are true in the light. I knew deep down in my spirit that this sign was for me. The rainbow pierced the darkness of my heart as did the night sky and the heaviness I was feeling lifted.

God is always speaking in signs and wonders. It’s our job to perceive it (Job 33:14).

I have never heard of a rainbow at night. So of course when I got home I had to Google it! What I discovered is that a rainbow seen at night is called a Lunar Rainbow or “Moonbow.” Simply said, a moonbow is a rainbow produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon rather than from direct sunlight. Moonbows occur when there is a full moon, which we actually had over Christmas this year. The photo at the top I took is the 2015 Christmas full moon over Hawaii! The moonbow is considered a very rare occurrence because the conditions such as brightness, distance of the moon and moisture in the air have to be just right. Turns out that Hawaii is a good place to see a moonbow.

An interesting fact about the moonbow is that to see it the night sky must be VERY DARK!

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It was in the darkness of the night that I was able to see the moonbow. And it was in the darkness of my soul that I was able to reflect on God’s promises again.

Are you going through dark times right now?

God created two lights, the greater light to govern the day and a lesser light to govern the night. God is not only the God of the light that governs the day He is the God of the light that governs the night as well. God knew we would walk through dark times. So he created a light to – rule the night!

You see the moon does not emit it’s own light. It only reflects the light of the greater light, the sun. It is the same light. And so it is with us. We do not emit our own light we reflect the light of the greater light, HIS SON! It is the same light! And it reflects off of you! Therefore darkness can have no rule over you. Because it is the very light of God reflecting off of you that pierces the darkness!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

“even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.” Psalm 139:12

If you are walking through a dark time right now I want to encourage you to be the reflection of His light! The moonbow was created by the reflection of the greater light off the lesser light.

When we begin to allow God’s light to reflect off of us we will begin to see the manifestation of His promises!

And darkness will have no rule because He is . . .

The light that rules the darkness!





A word by Joel Yount:

Several years ago while walking at a park an Eagle had flown right over me carrying what looked like a dead snake. The one thing that amazed me was how low the Eagle was flying as it flew above me. It was as if God was highlighting this occurrence that I had never experienced before.

Before seeing the Eagle and the snake, I had been walking around the park praying and declaring scriptures for breakthrough regarding a situation. Leading up to this time, it seemed as if there was an escalated season of attack from the enemy as someone had attempted to shut the Spirit Fuel website down. However, God stepped in and the individual responsible for that attempt did not succeed. Praise God!

Pay Attention To Signs God Reveals To You

God had stepped in many ways in only he could do. The escalated attacks had ceased. The Lord revealed to me that the Eagle had represented His power and protection coming down and taking the enemy (the snake) out of his place.

The Lord instructed me to send this testimony out today because He wants to remind many of you that nothing is hard for Him. He will send signs in the natural that relate to what is going on in the supernatural.

The prayers and declarations of saying scripture out loud at the park had activated something in the Spirit realm I believe. One important action I had taken before this event was sowing several seeds into different ministries. This act stretched my faith. When I saw what God did and how he turned the enemy’s plans upside down I was amazed. God is turning the enemy’s plans upside down in your own life today! Do something in the natural to activate the supernatural in your life today.

Right now I encourage you to sow a seed of $50, $25, $100, or $500 into Spirit Fuel and name it “Breakthrough” as an act of faith. By sowing a seed today into Spirit Fuel, you will be helping to reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team and resources to maintain the Spirit Fuel platform.


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Joey Rocha is a Prophetic Writer and Artist. The Lord ministers through him using the natural lens as well as the lens of the Spirit with prophetic dreams and visions. His heart is to see God's children healed so that they can begin to dream again and partake in the future and hope that God has promised. His ministry, Listen to the Wind, encourages believers to listen to the Holy Spirit who is speaking today in many ways (Job 33:14). Listentothewind.org