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The Lion Is Roaring: “My Daughters Are Rising!” – A Word by Christy Johnston

Christy Johnston

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All week long, the Holy Spirit has bee burning this phrase into my spirit, “My daughters are rising.” These words have been consuming my heart like a battle cry and I can feel the fiery passion of a loving and protective Father calling out to His daughters, “It is your time to ARISE.” I can sense the compassion in His tone for those who have endured much, but I can also sense the urgency in His decree, “It is time to arise, mighty daughters. I am picking you up out of the ashes, it is time to shake off the dust.” The Holy Spirit led me to these verses in Zechariah 9 that spoke deeply to me. Verse 8 in the Amplified says;

“Then I will camp around My house [as a guard] because of an army,
Because of him who passes by and returns;
And no oppressor will again overrun them (Israel),
For now, My eyes are upon them [providentially protecting them].”


As I read this verse, I saw in a vision a picture of one like a disfigured lion with no teeth chasing the daughters of God in relentless pursuit. I saw the Kings daughters being chased by this mangled and toothless lion into a desert wasteland. He was seeking to devour them and they were running in fear of him, though he had no ability to bite. They had been running a long time and were exhausted and weary as they dragged their feet across the hot desert sands. Tired with no fight left in them, they were seeking shelter in hidden caves. I could see that there were vast numbers of the Kings daughters in this desert, but they had been separated and isolated, each to their own cave, shivering in corners and huddled up in fetal positions. They looked battle-weary with mud and blood covering their faces from their long pursuit. I saw again the one that appeared like a disfigured lion and he was now pacing back and forth out the front of their caves, roaring fiercely as he patrolled the entrances where they hid. I saw the Kings daughters cowering in intimidation as they peered outside their caves in fear of this enemy. Within the vision, I became indignantly angry, a righteous anger arose within me as I watched this unjust scene unfolding. I cried out, “GOD ARISE! LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED!”


At that moment, a mighty rushing wind picked up from within the desert, and there within the wind, I saw the TRUE lion emerge. His eyes were blazing like hot coals of fire and His very presence commanded a shift in the atmosphere with unspoken authority. He began to walk towards the caves where His daughters were hiding, and as each powerful paw hit the ground, a quaking could be felt across the desert sands. I watched as the one like a disfigured lion began to grow nervous as the true Lion approached. The wind continued to surround the true Lion and it began to spread to every cave where the daughters were dwelling. Within the wind, a voice came to each daughter in hiding, “THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE, ARISE.”

At that moment, the true Lion lifted up His head and released a mighty thunderous roar that split the air in two. I saw the sky itself split into two, and suddenly, it was as though the daughter’s eyes were opened. Before, where they could only see a mutilated but intimidating lion chasing and surrounding them, the roar of the true Lion revealed the scene for what it really was. As the sky split, his identity was revealed as a defeated and cowering foe and they could now see clearly that he was toothless and much smaller than he at first appeared. The daughters arose as the wind rushed over them and released within them a renewed strength and fight. One by one, they began to emerge from their caves, looking upon the horizon where their King Lion stood. With His glorious mane flowing majestically in the wind, He called out to them, “Come, daughters, ARISE. Take the swords before you and defeat this notorious counterfeit lion, for today, I have given you the victory.” As the Kings daughters looked down, they realized at the foot of their caves lay a weapon, a sword. They picked up the sword and began to shout in triumph as ran out of their caves in vast numbers and pursued the enemy until he could no longer be seen.

As this incredible vision ended, I began to read with tears streaming down my face what follows from Zechariah 9:8. Verses 9-14 read:

“Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion!

Shout aloud, O Daughter of Jerusalem!

Behold, your King (Messianic King) is coming to you;

He is righteous and endowed with salvation,

Humble and unassuming [in submission to the will of the Father] and riding on a donkey,

Upon a colt, the foal of a donkey.

I will cut off the [war] chariot from Ephraim

And the [war] horse from Jerusalem,

And the bow of war will be cut off.

And He will speak [words of] peace to the nations,

And His dominion shall be from sea to sea [absolutely endless],

And from the River [Euphrates] to the ends of the earth.

As for you also, because of the blood of My covenant with you [My chosen people, the covenant that was sealed with blood]

I have freed your prisoners from the waterless pit.

Return to the stronghold [of security and prosperity], O prisoners who have the hope;

Even today I am declaring that I will restore double [your former prosperity] to you [as firstborn among nations].

For I will bend Judah as My bow,

I will fit the bow with Ephraim [as My arrow].

And I will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece,

And will make you [Israel] like the sword of a warrior.”


I believe the word of the Lord in this hour for His daughters is found in these very verses. Where many of you have found yourselves in relentless warfare, oppressed and hiding away in caves of a waterless pit, Jesus, your King-Lion is releasing a deep and prolonged roar over you today. He is calling you out of the cave that has held you captive and in fear, He is revealing the true identity of the deceitful toothless-lion and He is reminding you of the weapons that you carry. He is awakening the warrior-daughter within, for He has given you ALL power and authority in heaven and on the earth. He is decreeing with an ear-splitting and resounding roar:



Come out of hiding.

Shake off the ashes.

Look around and SEE that I have made you VICTORIOUS, oh beautiful one!

REJOICE greatly,


For I am here.

I am your victory

I have called you as a reformer.

I have made you like the sword of a warrior.

You are My mighty WEAPON.”


He is your providential protection, He is the Lord strong and mighty in battle, and He has given you this day victory over your enemy. Now, PURSUE what has pursued you. Take back the captive children who have been enslaved by the enemy’s tyrant rule. I see multitudes of daughters awakening as they read this word, and I see them RUNNING in relentless PURSUIT of what has tried to consume them. I see that the Father has given them KEYS and STRATEGIES to disarm and dismantle the enemy’s oppression. I see long-withstanding strongholds breaking as they strike the enemy with the brutal force of their God-given authority.

I see the Kings daughters marching into a fresh and new governmental authority in this specific moment in time. Where their voices have been silenced or oppressed for generations, they will be instrumental in ushering in this long-awaited mighty move of God that is beginning to sweep across the earth. They will march hand in hand with their men, and together, they will see cities restored. God is raising up His daughters in strength and in unequaled numbers in this hour, for the enemy has once again blinded the daughters of the earth in new-found oppression of feminism. However, God’s daughters will move in unrivaled supernatural power, marching to heaven’s beat of justice and purity, daughters of the cross, consumed with the love of their King. They will together see giants fall and nations surrender to the glory of Jesus.

I see the Lion of Judah both smiling and roaring in fierceness behind you today, beloved daughters, you are called, purposed, and equipped to slay demonic principalities, restoring His righteousness to the land. He is with you. Now is the time, now is your hour.

Daughters, arise!

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