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THE LORD CONTINUES TO SPEAK to my spirit that…A Word by Linda Klingel


THE LORD CONTINUES TO SPEAK to my spirit that…

He is indeed raising up an endtime Army. And in this “raising up”, we are entering a time of unprecedented healing and deliverance as well as a strategic, intentional period of discipleship and training.

Listen, God must have His warriors healthy, whole, armed and dangerous to get the job done in these last days. There is land to be conquered, souls to be rescued, spoils to be taken… yet, there are so, so many in the Church that are in dire need of ministry. Wounded soldiers simply do not have the ability to war with strength and endurance.

Therefore, I hear the Lord saying that He is raising up a company of healing deliverers in this hour. Leaders like Moses, who was sent back to Egypt to rescue his brethren, the enslaved children of God. His message? “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” With a word in his mouth and a staff in his hand, he became a supernatural force to be reckoned with. The powerful, prophetic word, accompanied with signs and miracles was enough to get the job done. He literally rescued millions! And we are about to see it happen again!

This is also a day that a dividing line is being sharply drawn in the Spirit and many have choices that must be made – continue to play church, or rise up and be the church. Again, I hear the Lord reiterating these recent words to me, “I don’t want My Church to be full of Pretenders, I need it to be full of Contenders!”

In addition to physical and inner healing, with deliverance, this is a necessary time for discipleship and training like never before. Spiritual and emotional maturity with the ability to wield the Sword of the Spirit/the word of God, with power and precision is a must for effective and victorious warfare.

Listen, massive conversions, massive healings, massive deliverance is on the horizon and NOW is the time to be rescued, revived, restored, equipped and ready for the greatest time in HIStory!!

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Ask the Lord what He wants for you. And then do whatever you have to do to get it. He wants to do some great things IN you, so that He can do some great things THROUGH you.

You were made for more. GO FOR IT!

Much Love, Many Blessings!

Linda Klingel

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