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The Lord Is Releasing a Great Building Anointing! – A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Are you called to build something? If so, now is your kairos time. Some of you have not ever considered yourselves builders, but God is about to commission you into His building program as you read this word! How do I know? Because, this morning, I heard the Lord say “Arise and build,” for He is releasing a great building anointing!

The phrase “arise and build” is from Nehemiah chapters 1 and 2. These chapters contain seven prophetic keys that will be very important to builders in this hour. Let’s look at these seven keys together:

1) The King sees your sorrow about the waste places of your life.

The things you have been through are not things you will forget. The Lord has used them as a forge to refine you. However, sorrow is not the end of your story. The Lord sees your sorrow, but He is using it NOW to push you forward into your restoration.

Note that you will have to cooperate with His pushing in order to benefit from His building anointing. You will feel the squeeze, but you have to choose to take the only way out You see that aligns with His Word–even if you never wanted to go there.

Be very careful that your steps align with the Word. But, as long as they do, look for a pathway to open up as you allow Father to squeeze you out of the narrow place into a broad place of prosperity. The squeezing is from the Lord; He is forcing your hand so you will follow Him.

Psalm 32:8-9 says: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or like the mule, which have no understanding, which must be harnessed with bit and bridle, else they will not come near you.”

2) You have access to this building anointing by virtue of both COVENANT and MERCY.

In Nehemiah 1:11, we see the first reason Nehemiah knew God would prosper his efforts to rebuild Jerusalem: mercy. This passage says:

“‘O Lord, I pray, please let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of Your servant, and to the prayer of Your servants who desire to fear Your name; and let Your servant prosper this day, I pray, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.’ For I was the king’s cupbearer.”

Nehemiah petitioned God for mercy and help, and he got what he requested. God’s mercy is abundant and He is always ready to pour it out. Remember this when you think of what YOU are called to build.

Then, in Nehemiah 2:20, we see the second reason that Nehemiah knew his efforts to rebuild Jerusalem would prosper: covenant. This Scripture says, “So I answered them, and said to them, ‘The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build, but you have no heritage or right or memorial in Jerusalem.’”

Nehemiah knew he had a right to be in Jerusalem because of God’s covenant with Abraham. This centuries-old covenant entitled him to all the protection, all the provision, and all the help he needed.

It’s the same with you. No matter what God is calling you to build, you can and will succeed by virtue of His covenant and mercy. It is God’s covenant with you plus His mercy toward you that produce a doubly-strong force of anointing in your life, if you will accept it.

3) He will provide all you need.

When Nehemiah asked King Artaxerxes for help, he asked BIG. He asked for diplomatic protection, letters of recommendation, building materials from the king’s forest for the city gates, the city wall, and even his own house. Nehemiah then records the king’s response: “And the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me” (Nehemiah 2:8b).

God provides from His goodness for the poor (Psalm 68:10). His goodness and mercy are limitless, and He says “Ask, and it shall be given you.” If you will be bold and ask for what you need, Papa God will provide it.

4) He will release His warring and enforcing angels to accompany you.

Nehemiah 2:9 records that Artaxerxes sent “captains of the army and horsemen” with him to his building project. These warriors and horsemen served two purposes: protecting the caravan and enforcing the king’s decrees as written in his letters of recommendation.

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When you start building God’s projects, His holy hand comes upon you to protect and enforce His will. He also releases warring and enforcing angels to ride with you. Yes, there’s warfare–but the protection the king sends is more than adequate to handle any warfare that comes your way. Those captains of the army wouldn’t have been with Nehemiah if Nehemiah hadn’t stepped out in faith. His willingness to launch actually brought him the protection he needed.

5) The King asks you, “How long will your journey be?”

God’s commands carry both an instruction and a timing. And unless He specifically says “Do it later,” He means “Do it now.” If we hear His instructions and then wait to obey, that time period between hearing and obeying is actually a period of disobedience.

Deuteronomy 1:2 tells us that it was an 11-day trip from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea–but then says the haunting line, “Now it came to pass in the fortieth year …” (Deuteronomy 1:3a). Some of us have been hearing, but not obeying, for years. Do you want to go around the mountain 40 more years–the time of another generation? Or, will you arise and build?

I believe the Lord is sounding and re-sounding His wake-up call to each of us: “How long will it take? How long will you be away? How long will you delay in His work?”
The King’s business requires haste! O God, let us take up Your urgency!

6) Take a few like-minded people with you. However, discern carefully when to keep your dream silent and when to talk about it.

When Nehemiah did his most important strategizing, he did so at night, in secret, without an audience. Only the essential people were with him, and no one knew the depths of what God had placed in his heart (Nehemiah 2:12).

I believe in this time that the Lord is brewing some ideas that require the pressure of hiddenness to come to full-term. It is only in the closed embrace of the womb that a preborn baby can grow. Outside the womb, that baby would die.

Likewise, in this time, the Lord is pouring out His building anointing–but some of the things He needs you to build are secrets. They are just between you and Him, and they will actually lose power if you talk about them. Don’t make that mistake.

When God gives you a secret dream, ask Him if you should talk about it or not. If He says no, then don’t make a clamor about your idea. Just ride the wind of the Spirit in silence where necessary, and He will birth your building project.

7) You will have lonely times and slow times.

You have endured reproach. Your enemies have been laughing at you. But you know what? Inside the manifestation of your dream, their laughter cannot reach you.

Beloved, I feel the Lord showed me that you have been a reproach because you haven’t been occupying the land God intended you to occupy. God’s people were only a reproach when their city lay waste. But when they rose to build it, honor came upon them! So beloved, wait no more! God has called you to build His land. I repeat: It is HIS land, and it has lain fallow long enough. He needs His people in it.

Along this journey and before the dream is built, those who are not in agreement with you will laugh at you and despise you. They will even call it rebellion. Be prepared for this. However, remember that the horsemen of Heaven are with you and God Himself has commissioned you. The God of Heaven will prosper you!

Beloved, the Lord is pouring out a great building anointing. This anointing came upon Nehemiah in one moment of travailing prayer, and the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt as a result. Likewise, Father God is willing to give you this special anointing NOW if you will ask Him for it.

Pray this simple prayer with me:

“Father God, in Jesus’ name, I yield myself to you for Your glory, and for the sake of Your great name. Pour out Your great building anointing on me right now. Use me to build whatever You want me to build in the time You want me to build it. Help me put my hand to the plow NOW to do whatever You need me to do.

Father, let there be no more delays; no more procrastinating; no more fear of man; no more hesitation on my part. Give me Your holy sense of urgency–the same sense of urgency You feel, and help me to obey You no matter what. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ holy name, amen.”

Beloved, God’s Word says you have received what you just asked for (Matthew 7:7). Therefore, take heart. Let faith rise up in your body, soul, and spirit right now and arise and build!

Jamie Rohrbaugh
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A word by Dana Jarvis

I decree you are making the spiritual journey from the bondage of Egypt into your promised land of destiny. I know you have grown weary. Do not let the murmurings and complaining attitudes rule you. It causes the faith to waiver! Your focus is upon the cup of bitter waters that you are currently drinking from.

Rest assured that your God is making these bitter waters sweet!

You shall taste and see that the Lord is good! You are going to see such extravagance in your daily life. He is delivering much into your hands so reach up and take hold. Just as he was with you before, he is with you now. You are going to drink deep of the Living Waters. The bitter waters of life have tried to steal all joy.

However I hear the Lord say, “It is done, I am the Lord who heals you. I am the Lord who will restore you. I am the Lord who will provide your every need. I am the One that is making the bitter waters sweet!”

I feel so strongly that God is removing your cup of bitter waters you have had to drink for so long. He is causing a turnaround for you in a situation that you desperately need him to move. I am speaking to several and know this word is for you. Even as the Lord led Moses and the children of Israel from their bondage at the Red Sea, it still took one step of faith. One step of faith is all it takes to cause a release from all of this. Take a moment and sow into good ground by giving into Spirit Fuel. For just a contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more given into Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground on which to sow. It is a powerful ministry reaching the world for Christ. As you sow that offering, it is that act of faith that will cause the Red Sea where you are standing to part in your life. The bitter cup will be removed and the sweetness of the Lord shall begin to flow!


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