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The Mantling of David: Your High Calling



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Paul talked about his high call. Every child of God has a high call. God has a greater anointing for you to receive, an anointing for your high call! God always takes us from glory to glory, and from faith to faith. There is another level of the anointing that he wishes to release on you, so get ready! When God calls you into the ministry he releases a holy anointing on you, it is special, it is for you and for the purpose of your calling! David had a specific calling; as he continued and was faithful in what God had called him to do, God gave him a greater mantle for a greater influence. David journeyed from one demention of the anointing to another. He was anointed three times in his life. Three is the number of confirmation. God mantled David three times in his life. Kenneth Hagin believed that there are three levels of the anointing that we can enter into. As we are faithful, God brings us from one level to the next. William Branham talked about three pulls of the anointing that he stepped into throughout his ministry. As you are a faithful steward of what God has called you to do, he will bring you to the next level. Maybe you have experienced a delay, or a roadblock that has come between you and your destiny. I want to remind you that he is Lord of the breakthrough. Before David received his greatest promotion, and his greatest platform of influence, he faced his greatest discouragements. David and his mighty men returned from battle only to find their village burned, and their wives and children taken. The Bible says that David did two things: he encouraged himself in The Lord and he praised God. Then the Lord said to David, “Go and recover all!” David and his men recovered everything that Amalekites had stolen. David was later anointed as king over Israel! I speak to the Amalekites in your life: they must repay all! Go recover all! The Bible says that when the theif is found out, he must repay sevenfold (Proverbs 6:31). Child of God, encourage yourself in The Lord! The enemy wants to stop your praise, but in your praise is a mighty breakthrough! The enemy cannot stop your promotion! God has a greater level of the anointing for you. Get ready, God has a greater mantle for you!

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