The Mountain Of The Heart – A Word by Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins is a seasoned prophetic writer, teacher, and Christian leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience across denominations. Her passion is to communicate God’s heart to his people, empowering them to build the kingdom of God.

The Mountain Of The Heart – A Word by Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins

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Dear Friends,

On May 26, 2022, at 2:13 AM the Holy Spirit awakened me, bringing me into what seemed to be an office or “study” where I encountered the Father. I stood by a desk and watched as the Father wrote, with silver ink, letters which appeared both on and over the page.

These “living letters” began circling above the desktop in the Spirit. Wisdom and revelation seemed to saturate the atmosphere in His “office.” I knew that each character coming from Father’s pen had a story of its own, originating in the Father’s heart, and each was very precious. I sensed that these characters represented the many people who make up the Lord’s Bride; each individual containing beautifully unique, redemptive stories of their own.

The Father told me to take one of the silver letters and “eat” it, as I might eat a scroll. As I did so, I was filled with a measure of revelation. I heard the Father say that He wanted members of His Bride to become “living epistles.” At this particular time in history, He was sending certain believers out as emissaries with very specific messages.

I had to look up this unusual word, emissary! I found that while an ambassador may reside long term in a foreign country, an emissary usually does not; instead, he or she is sent on temporary (and sometimes secret) special missions as a diplomatic representative for a government official.


Immediately the vision shifted and I found myself outside the Father’s office, riding behind the Lord Jesus on a white horse.

The warm, amber glow of the study faded and everything became very dark. We were surrounded by thick, billowy storm clouds; beyond them the atmosphere was pitch black.

As we rode through the heavens, I heard the Lord speak loudly and repeatedly the words: “FAITHFUL AND TRUE! FAITHFUL AND TRUE!” This phrase from Revelation 19 burned in my spirit and I saw that the Lord was leading the armies of heaven as if to war.  

I heard the Spirit say: What is desirable in a man is his fidelity (faithfulness or steadfast love); better to be a poor man than a liar.” (Proverbs 19:22) and “Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.” (Psalm 51:6; NIV says “You desired faithfulness even in the womb.”)

The Lord and those who rode with Him were to be known for their faithfulness and truth. I saw the edge of Christ’s robe which was dipped in blood; the same blood that I knew was a covering for the saints would mean judgment for sinners.

I believe the Lord was emphasizing the qualities of purity, faithfulness, love, and honesty which marked those who rode with Him in the end time army.

Jesus did not seem bothered at all by the dark atmosphere; in the vision it seemed “right” or to be expected somehow. When I asked Him about this, the Lord said that the darkness of the end times would merely serve as a backdrop to the white horses and the brightness of His coming.


Our ride brought us to the very top of a high, dark mountain. The mountain was almost indistinguishable from the atmosphere because of its blackness.

Trying to figure out in my mind where we were, I assumed that this must be one of the “seven mountains” of culture. So I asked the Lord: “Which of the seven mountains is this?”

He replied that it was none of those. This, He said, was “The Mountain of the Heart.” 

Everything suddenly went clear. I was deeply moved by the existence of such a “mountain.” It had never occurred to me that there was a “mountain of the heart;” yet the vision made perfect sense.

While identifying this “mountain” from the Lord’s perspective first inspired me, I was then troubled by the utter blackness of it, which I knew was not good. I saw that lovelessness, offenses, and unforgiveness had amassed, causing hearts to become hard, like mountains of stone.

As we stood together at the top, the Lord commanded me: “It is time to go down the mountain, as Moses did, to instruct the people.


I saw that He wanted members of His remnant – especially anointed teachers in the Body of Christ – to descend boldly with His Words, just as Moses had thousands of years ago.

As I looked down toward the base of the mountain, I became aware of the chief reason for its blackness, which was the same as in Moses’ day: idolatry.

The Lord reminded me of the Mount of Transfiguration, where Christ had met with Moses and Elijah. He showed me that today, His emphasis is not on the prophets (as represented by Elijah), but on the teachers who know His law (the Word) like Moses. There will be a fresh anointing on fivefold teachers who know how to “rightly divide” His Word.

These are teachers who know not just God’s Words, but also His ways. Those with the supporting character traits of faithfulness and truth; humility and love. Those who are unafraid to tackle issues that divide believers from each other and from God, so that an authentic “witness” for Christ may be rekindled.

In times of heresy and lawlessness, and in nations where the Babylonian spirit seeks to deceive even believers, people need strong, revelatory teaching, not prophetic platitudes. They need wisdom-filled teachers and leaders who will prayerfully confront and bring deliverance from idolatry and faithlessness.

2 Timothy 2:24 encourages Christians to “reject foolish and ignorant speculation, for you know that it breeds quarreling. And a servant of the Lord must not be quarrelsome, but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, and forbearing. He must gently reprove those who oppose him, in the hope that God may grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth.”

Scriptures from Amos 2 and Exodus 32 also came alive in my spirit. It was clear that whoever speaks to people to confront issues within the “Mountain of the Heart” will need to be absolutely true themselves, straight as a plumb line; with honesty and integrity in the inner man. Those who are able to war and win can have no compromise within them!

Believers who first commune with Jesus at the top of the “Mountain of the Lord” can then descend with an authority and radiance that will be evident as they confront the idolatries and offenses common to men’s hearts.

As Moses was backed by the Lord when opposed by the sons of Korah and Peter was defended by the Holy Spirit against Ananias and Sapphira’s lies, so God will back believers who boldly proclaim His ways in times of opposition.

Joel 2:32: And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.


People who stand firmly in these times of violence, lawlessness, lovelessness, and dishonor are those who know God intimately. They will be diligent students of the Word, discerning truth from error. They will take seriously “less popular” passages like 2 Peter 2-3 and the book of Jude, which warn God’s people about idolatry. They will be anointed to bring the kind of correction that leads to repentance.

These believers will see the Father’s warnings as lovingly protective, not inhibiting or restrictive! They will be marked by quick, eager repentance when the Lord calls attention to areas of their own hearts still black with sin.

The Lord is bringing forth a pure, mature Bride and a powerful end-time army of holy “emissaries:” missionaries, messengers, and solutionists in ministry and the marketplace who are unafraid of confrontation because they are righteous IN HIM.

They will conquer the blackness of their own hearts, receive healing and forgiveness, and understand what it takes to rescue others from the same stoniness. They are the healers, teachers, and deliverers in God’s Kingdom, full of compassion, light, and fire!

With the authority of the Lord, they will say to the Mountain of the Heart, “Be removed and cast into the sea!” And it will be done for them.

For Him,


“When Moses went up on the mountain, the cloud covered it, and the glory of the Lord settled on Mount Sinai… and the Lord called to Moses from within the cloud.” ~Exodus 24:15-16

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