The New The Birthing – A Word by Hannah Stafford

Hannah Stafford is an emerging prophetic voice, seer , dreamer and revivalist. She is a music writer, scribe,  global intercessor and has a creative flow in her giftings. She resides in Conway Arkansas. She is an ordained minister and has served in the past in music ministry, jail ministry and children’s ministry for years. Presently she serves in helps ministry, music ministry, prophecy team, and as an armorbearer and whatever else is needed at the Hub where she is presently.

Hannah’s heart is to only release the Father’s heart and to advance the Kingdom of God, to make Jesus known and bring hope and healing to all people from all walks of life. Her heart is to bring, release hope to all that are hurting and bring healing, deliverance and love, that all would come into the full knowledge of Christ and into who God created and designed them to be, there true identity, nothing missing nothing broken. Hope and healing, body mind soul and spirit to all no matter what they’ve been through and walked through. She encourages people that their pain and what they have been though is not in vain. God will change your story and use it for His Glory! She wants all to know that they can be made every whit whole in Jesus, trust Him, its a process.

She also blogs on her Blog group and  page: Hands and Feet Of Jesus Reformation Coalition on Fb which God laid on her heart to start doing in 2020.

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The New The Birthing – A Word by Hannah Stafford

Hannah Stafford

Email: [email protected]

As I was listening to a worship song, singing and praying on New Years Eve, seeking the Lord I heard the Lord speak this and then an open visions follow.. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

“The atmosphere is a breeding ground for My glory. And the glory will consume and come in ways which you no not of or perceive yet. For My glory will transcend like never before and it will encompass a wide space for all to see and expanse vast space, overshadowing every dark crevice and place the enemy has tried to invade. For there have been places My glory could not go before that it will be able to go to now. For there is an open space now that can be filled as you press into the greater, the deeper. Deep waters deep rivers- wells. Wells that were dug deep will begin to burst open and provide water where there was no water before. I see in the spirit cisterns that were dry and barren. They will not be barren anymore and burst with Revival. Man’s system will crumble and fall. Old systems must fall and bow to My name. I am the only One the Alpha and the Omega. For I am the beginning and the end, the First and the last, the One who goes before you and goes in front of you, telling you which way to go. For narrow is the gate and narrow is the way. Walk ye in this way, plow this way, speak this way in this manner I will tell you.

For I am about to restore things and make some things brand New. What seemed lost I will make beauty out of ashes. For there is a resurgence happening and it will come about how I see fit and My timing, My way and my arrangement. Each piece of the puzzle is set in its perfect place, arranged by Me. Such intricate detail I will put into it this work I will do and it comes with the masterpiece. My plan, My way, My formula, and the equation. For I am the answer to the equation for this nation. Birthing will take place. Everything He restores everything. Everything you’ve been through is not in vain. He will restore it everything.”

As I was listening to what the Lord was saying and praying I had this open vision and this is what I saw. I saw the numbers 2:22 and saw a huge field but out of the field were beautiful new blooming crocuses and colorful flowers coming up out of the field blooming with different array of colors. I saw a gold door with the number 222 on it open with so much glory and then I saw two number 9‘s laid out on the altar in birthing position like that of the womb. I heard the groaning. And I heard Birthing will take place. I heard the Lord saying no eye has seen no ear has heard what I am about to do, it’s just the beginning.

1 Corinthians 2:9

“What no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and has not entered into heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Hannah Stafford

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