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The New Year Is Exploding With Expectancy!



We are quickly approaching the New Year of 2016. I have had such great expectations rising within me for the past couple weeks. Everything within me leaps in excitement for a feel a shifting in the atmosphere. God is getting ready to show up and show out! The closer it approaches, the more I feel these great expectations are rising up and overflowing. Expect your blessing! Just as a pregnant woman is expectant of her child and a farmer is expecting the seed he planted to bring forth fruit, the Lord is saying to you, “Expect It! I am getting ready to do something big for you!”

 I have come on the authority of the Almighty God to tell you that you will not be disappointed. Someone I am speaking to right now will have great joy and great testimonies this upcoming year. Our Heavenly Father right now is saying to someone, ” I will meet your needs abundantly more this year!” There is someone who wants to reach the top, well God said you are moving up. I want to decree to someone right now that the direction you are not seeking help from, nor did you think it would come from, is coming in Jesus name. I am speaking to someone that in this New Year, you will have one more reason to dance. You are going to stand and say, “Great is the God I serve!”

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The Lord said there is someone here that he wanted me to tell you that your sickness began when you backslid. He said that if you return to him completely, the sickness will fade away. For another, our Heavenly Daddy says your dreams are extremely big, but He said, “I will fulfill all of them.” The Lord says there is someone here he wants to know there is a flood coming your way not of water, but of miracles. There are some of you before the sun even rises to begin the New Year, you will be singing a new song! The Lord said there is someone here that He will make your progress like that of a car going downhill, easy and fast. The Lord said there is someone here that has been dreaming of rain! He asked me to tell you that your shower of blessings will soon begin.The Lord says there is someone here that must know that those who threaten to subdue you shall fail. The Lord says there is someone here that you are closer to permanent victory than you can imagine. God says it takes a shout of expectation to bring down the wall of Jericho and he asked me to tell you, “You praise me and see!”

Elijah expected the rain from Heaven, the woman with the issue of blood expected her healing by one touch, David expected Goliath to fall, Elisha expected that double portion anointing, the Children of Israel expected that Jericho wall to fall. What are you expecting this New Year? Expectancy is the breeding ground for your miracle. Expect it and believe it! Wait for it! It shall not tarry! This New Year is getting ready to explode with his glory for all his children. Even if your expectation is little, the Almighty God will still meet you at that level, but I pray that your expectations will be great in Jesus name.

Let the year of 2016 explode with his glory like never before. Miracles to abound and the blessings to chase people down. It is exploding already with expectancy!