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The Python Spirit is attacking the prophetic voice – A Word by Kathy DeGraw

Kathy DeGraw Ministries is a prophetic Spirit-filled ministry assisting people to walk in their authority and release their destiny. Kathy is passionate about setting the captives free. She ministers prophetically and allows the Holy Spirit to lead her through releasing people from the bondage of the enemy, using the Gospels and the way Jesus ministered deliverance.
Kathy spent two years of her life prostrate on the floor being intimate with the Lord and receiving impartation. She is now passionate about releasing what she received to others to help them establish their ministry and God-given destiny. She feels the more ministries that are established; the more people are out there impacting the world, loving on people, and setting the captives free. Website:
The Python Spirit is attacking the prophetic voice
A Word by Kathy DeGraw
The python spirit is attacking to steal your prophetic voice and prayer life. I was in the presence of the Lord the other day when I started receiving revelation about how the python spirit is attacking. People have felt dry and stagnant, but it is not a “wilderness” experience or something you think God is allowing you to go through. The python spirit, the enemy, who steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10) is coming to silence the voice of the prophetic and keep you from declaring and decreeing. I continued to press in and it became a very pivotal revelation that your voice, your ambition and your spiritual walk is being cut off because you are a threat to the Kingdom of darkness.
The enemy is threatened by the authority you take and by what you speak out of your mouth. Therefore, he is putting forth demonic attacks to silence the voice of the called, to those who have been chosen.
You have blamed your stagnancy on other people and yourself, but your stagnancy is a direct assault of the enemy. You need to see it as such and realize you are fighting a principality and not a person. You are in an unseen, invisible war that can only be won with the power of your words. But the enemy is keeping you locked down and shut up with a spiritual attack that you don’t realize is from the enemy. You are blaming yourself and others for stagnancy and lack of discipline in your spiritual life. It is an attack of the enemy that needs to be broken and removed in the realms of the Spirit. He is shutting you up and locking you down because you are armed and dangerous in the realms of the Spirit.
God has delivered this word to His believers so we will identify, arise and fight in the realms of the Spirit, with the power of our words and with the authority that Jesus has given us. It is time to no longer sit back idle and accept the attack the enemy has placed upon us. It is time to arise and fight. Speak out and declare and come against the powers of darkness that are coming against us.
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