Prophetic Insight

The Rebuilding Foundation of Prayer-A Word by Lyal Cross


There have been much turmoil, but there have been many blessings and
testimonials across the world speaking what God has done. There is much
anger in this nation, but there is STILL love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Gal 5:22,23)

Our Father God created prayer for us to come to Him in our good and bad
times. The intimate time of hearing Him speak to our heart, mind and
understanding who we are in the Kingdom of God. We are the ones that set
the foundation of time to sacrifice for our Father for us to commune.

There are many children of God looking for words from their Pastor, loved
ones, anyone that is in their circle of influence to give them a Word of
God, but the One that has EXACTLY what they need to hear dwells within
them… The Holy Spirit.

John 14: 25-27 says: “I have told you this while I’m still with you. However, the helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the
Father will send in my name, will “teach” you everything. He will remind
you of everything that I have ever told you. I’m leaving you “peace”. I’m
giving you my “peace”. I don’t give you the kind of peace that the world
gives. So don’t be troubled or cowardly.”

NEVER be fearful, intimidated, doubtful, for the Kingdom of Heaven is for
you to access.

Whatever you are battling right now in your life, the Angels of the Lord
are ready to disperse what is necessary! As a brother in Christ, I agree
with Heaven that the doors that have been shut by the enemy become open
now. Every battle in your mind I agree with Heaven that they are removed!
And that you accept the Peace of the Holy Spirit Now!

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Every demonic cycle of poverty, depression, oppression, theft of finances,
joy, relationships, I agree with Heaven that the same works that Jesus came
to Earth to destroy becomes destroyed NOW!

Go into prayer and do not stop until you hear His great Heavenly voice.

I’m excited for your present and future.

Be encouraged.

Lyal C. Cross


A Word by Dana Jarvis

The Lord has watched you sit before him and from the very depths of your soul, you cried out “Why?” Even in your most weakest, vulnerable moments you clung to him. He calls you faithful and brave! Your life has been poured out and the fragrance of your hearts cries have come before him.

In this season, He has seen the enemy pull out every weapon in his arsenal against you. The Father says, “Enough is enough!” Your cries have stirred his heart and your Redeemer is coming. Miracles are coming! Miracles of restoration, suddenlies, accelerated healing, and changes in your circumstances.

A new day is dawning! He is repairing the breach! He is mending the broken heart and releasing the captives. Testimony after testimony will come forth! The Lord your God shall part your Red Sea. For every loss, every heartbreak, everything the enemy has stolen shall be restored sevenfold. Your cry for justice, your cry for mercy and grace, your cry for miracles has reached the throne. So lift your eyes for what your Father is about to do. Miracles are coming! Step into your river of breakthrough right now. One step of obedience will begin to ripple these waters. Giving a love offering to Spirit Fuel is an active step and good ground in which to sow. Release His hands into your finances. Give an offering in this moment of grace for breakthrough. Your offering of $100 or $20, or $50 helps Spirit Fuel reach more people on the internet for the Kingdom of God. It takes a dedicated team to keep Spirit Fuel up and running. I decree Double over you for every love offering given in Jesus mighty name.