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The Sound of Sonship is Rising – A Word by Ben Johnston


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The Sound of Sonship is Rising

A Word by Ben Johnston

A few days before Christmas of 2017 The Lord spoke to me about 2018 saying.

“The wall of division between the pew and the pulpit is falling! I am raising up my family who will walk in love and power! They will go after those hurt and wounded by the spirit of religion and I will judge the spirit of religion on all levels. Those who have been marginalized by the destructive power of religion will be lifted up and my love will wash them. I will restore families that have been broken apart, I will run after those who you will not be able to understand as my children Yes! I will pursue them and they will turn their hearts towards me for I am a faithful God.”

The Wall is Falling and the Family is Rising!

Now is the time for the family of God to arise and shine (Isiah 60). We have the power through Christ Jesus to reconcile people to Him though the demonstration of His supernatural love. I believe that the Lord will continue to raise up hubs, centres, ministries and burning ones that will equip the body and facilitate an environment of safe corporate exercise for the gifts of the spirit to flourish in the lives of all believers! No longer will there be a great divide between pew and pulpit but more family kingdom work will be done. This will also manifest in power teams and different mixtures of people from different streams and theological backgrounds and their combined efforts will bear much fruit!

The Lord also spoke to me out of (Joshua 2) where the spies were sent to Jericho to spy. They were hidden by Rahab, whom the bible describes as a prostitute but she likely also worked as a lodging keeper for wayfaring men, she lived in the wall and hid the spies on her roof. The condition for her family being spared from the attack of the Israelites was for them to all be in her house and that a scarlet cord would be hung from her window.

Imagine her family all needing to come over to her house, many of them knowing her reputation and her scandalous lifestyle, they all were made to be together surviving the attack of the Israelites as a family and then joining the Israelites. The scarlet cord that was used to help the spies escape and was the redemptive symbol for her family but is also a reminder of the blood of Jesus which is the ultimate redemption for us that reconciled all men to Himself.

Rahab would end up giving birth to a son named Boaz who would restore land to the family of Naomi by marring her daughter in law Ruth and taking her place in the very lineage of Jesus!


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I believe that 2018 will be a year where many families will be restored and that the divine purpose and destinies over families will be fulfilled in Jesus’ name! Many families have been hurt by religion but The Lord is going to reveal His love to them. I believe God will not only restore people once they turn toward Him but He will use them to do great and mighty exploits for Him! Absolutely no one is excluded or disqualified from His love and great plans!

I declare 1Corinthians 2:9 over them

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
for those who love him.”

There are people who have stepped out and taken BIG bites for God in this last season and have been lied to and even told that their eyes are bigger than their stomach but the Lord is rising up in defence of His bride in this hour and there will be no more identity crisis! She will know that she is meant fro greatness.

“Woe to the man who would rise and seek to try and steal my bride from me for I am burning with wrath and will utterly destroy them! For to long has my bride been lied to and told that she is not powerful, not pure and not enough for me or worthy of my love. Watch as I rise as the true champion of her heart in this hour and fight for her own self image to be seen as it is through my eyes! YES purity and freedom and truth and life are flowing out of my heart and will flow into my bride!” she will not only know the truth but she will see and she will be free!!”

Kingdom Wealth

“I will completely destroy the false comforts of religion and will turn my people’s hearts back again toward me and my kingdom. I will elevate those whom I choose and I will appoint new leadership in the earth that will rule justly. My return is imminent and my timing is perfect. Do not give up dreaming and moving towards all of the plans that I have for you but do not trust in the words of any man or in money. There will be times where there is none to be found but I will open up the storehouses of heaven which have always been full of abundance and provision from the very beginning. There has always been access but there is a greater awareness coming to my people who will demonstrate not only kingdom wealth but the power of influence in the earth that Godly wealth brings. I will work in nations, YES entire nations will be loved and fed and clothed through these efforts and there will be those who would seek to give titles, awards and worship those who help the needy but know that every good and perfect gift comes and has come from me. I am the only source!”

I believe that God is establishing His government in the earth today and that we will see even more Godly leaders on the world stage. I believe that this year the family of God (the Church) will rise with wealth like never before! I declare that kingdom wealth is being released into the hands of the church and that a greater awareness of that which is available for us in Christ is also being released. I declare that missionary efforts will increase and even history will be made in the nations meetings needs of the broken, hurting and needy in Jesus’ name!

The Sound of Victory

“I will lift up my sound in the earth, it is a sound of victory and not of striving or human effort. There is no mixture to the words that I speak, I am always victorious and there was never a time when I was not in control. My sound will burst forth with power and authority and the nations will shake as the mouth of even babes will declare my power as the sound goes forth! It will infiltrate all levels of society causing hearts to yield to the power of my spirit and convincing them of the truth from the very beginning that they come from my heart and that they belong to me. I am seeking out my children, my people, my lovers and I will not allow any of them to escape my hand. I will shower them with blessings and will ensure their life blessed and abundantly blessed.”

I believe the simple power of the gospel, delivered through secure sons and daughters, will release the sound of sonship! I see it rising in film, arts music and entertainment and infiltrating all levels of society! These are ones that will not be looking for man’s validation but will live for only one purpose, to know Jesus intimately (Psalms 27). I believe as the sound of sonship is released and people begin to walk in the truth of who God says that they are, that they will enter into great and abundant blessings.

Ben Johnston
WeR1 Ministries Director
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