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THE ROARING TWENTIES! – A Word by Tyler Medina


The other day I was having a conversation with Anna Jo and I was sharing with her my heart concerning the body of Christ in this hour and what the Lord has revealed to me for the years 2018, 2019, and into the twenties. Jokingly she said, “Wow, we’re entering into the roaring twenties again.” When she said that, something sparked in my spirit.

The 1920s (known as the “roaring twenties”) was a period of sustained economic prosperity, rapid industrial and economic growth, growth in arts and music with major changes in lifestyle and culture, with women also gaining the right to vote. This was a time of great growth and innovation. God then spoke to me, saying that the remainder of this year and 2019 will be a time of great reformation.

Some people are falling away from the church that you would have never expected, but it’s because they were in love with a platform and not Jesus. God is stripping His bride down to the very core of who she is. What will look like a divide is really a purification. As God turns over the hiding places of wolves in sheeps clothing they will be forced to run and depart from the authentic move of God. This will result in God purifying His bride to a state in which she can advance. Like Gideon’s army, He is stripping the bride down to mighty men and women who have a pure heart and are sold out to making Jesus known in all the earth.

As God brings this reform back to the bride, you will see the church come together unlike ever before. God will take a knife to strife and turmoil between brothers and sisters in the body. You will begin to see churches come together, break bread together, worship together, and when they move in this synergy together you will see the glory of God flood the nation unlike ever before.

The world has yet to see what God would do with a fully surrendered church. But as we move into this next era of the church, God is calling people to repentance and back to the altar of His presence. Those who have remained in church with ill motives will be washed away as the ones who remain will be hungry after God’s presence, living in awe and wonder of who He is. This will not be the first great awakening, nor the second great awakening. It will be the greatest awakening, one that will awaken the bride and she will not fall back asleep into her slumber.

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People will come from all around saying “what must I do to be saved.” The streets will be flooded with people who just want to encounter the glory of God. People will hear from the North, the South, the East, and the West what’s taking place in the earth. They will come from all over just to partake in what the Lord is pouring out.

I prophesy that starting 2020 we will enter into a period that will again be known as the “roaring twenties.” But not just great economic growth and success. It will be an era of great spiritual growth and prosperity. You will see the church rise like never before to take on the seven mountains of society. Women will regain their voice in the church in this hour, and not be silenced. Great men and women of God will move in authority and power as they recite what heaven is saying. It will be an era of prophetic and spontaneous worship as the symphony of heaven resounds in the earth. Prophetic dancing and art will erupt as the whole culture and lifestyle of the church shifts.

The church will also increase in numbers as she grows in wisdom and stature. People will begin to experience real ground shaking revival that is erupted out of the undeniable presence of God. It will cause the greatest awakening this world has ever seen to shake the earth out of its slumber and cause them to contend for the outpouring of the Lord. The move will start on the east coast, and spread to the west before igniting revival fire across the nations of the Earth. We will witness the sweet aroma of God’s presence flood the nation, and people will become intoxicated by His great love. This will be a pure prophetic move of the Spirit!

The oppression is being lifted as you will see age old chains being broken. People will be healed, delivered, and set free as this dimension of glory begins to flood the streets. This will be a time of great liberation. It will be a time of great signs, wonders, and miracles. The pure authentic voice will begin to rise out of the hidden places as they have been called for such a time as this. The generation of John the Baptists who will prepare the way of the return of the Lord. They will answer the beckoning of their bride groom king as He calls them to rise and take back the land for the glory and splendor of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The earth will never be the same in Jesus name. This will be a time of great growth, great impact, and great awakening. Says the Lord.

Tyler Medina

Email: kingdomlifeinus@gmail.com