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Wendy Christie: The Season Of The Fullness & The Upgrade – There Will Be A Tsunami Of My Spirit

The Season Of The Fullness & The Upgrade – There Will Be A Tsunami Of My Spirit by Wendy M. Christie



The Lord said, “The Delay is OVER!”

There is an excitement in the Spirit. God is excited, for it is not only us who have been waiting for this time – He has been waiting too. There is a Shift HAPPENING in the Spirit and the Lord said, “FINALLY, I said FINALLY… The Time is Here for ALL that I Have Promised to Manifest in your lives – from the Spirit, where you saw it First, into the Natural Realm where you will SEE the Practical Application of My Will being made Manifest in the Earth realm. Those who are not In My Spirit will not even SEE it because they are not In The Spirit and not used to giving the Glory to My Spirit alone. I AM is about to Turn the Tables around, IN YOUR FAVOR. I will put you in a place of THE FULLNESS and THE UPGRADE of all things Concerning You – My Faithful Ones. I will do it for My Namesake and for My Glory in the Earth, says the Lord of Hosts.”

Get ready! There is about to be many many many Women who God will raise up in the Spirit of Prophesy and they will Prophesy by His Spirit and Confound those who saw them as a ‘weak thing’. Glory to God!

And the Lord said, “Those of you who have said, “Search my heart oh Lord and if there is anything in me, that is not of YOU, purge it from my heart oh Lord, bring it to light, so it can be dealt with by Your Grace.” When this time is Redeemed, it will be SUDDENLY! Suddenly you shall SPRING FORTH! It has been a long wait for many of you, but know this, NOTHING WILL BE LOST! ALL will be Restored, Recovered, Resurrected, Regenerated, Reconstituted and Restitution will be made. I will Enlarge you, Accelerate you and Multiply you in all areas. Especially those things that were stolen or taken unjustly. This is a season of ENLARGEMENT and ACCELERATION and especially, you will see the manifestation of what you speak come to pass VERY QUICKLY, right before your very eyes. Keep your Focus on My Spirit and My Son and keep a guard on your tongue says God. Who are you, who are willing to encourage yourselves in ME? These are those whom will I raise up and Restoration, Recovery, Resurrection, Regeneration, Reconstitution, Restitution, Acceleration and Multiplication will be your portion. The time is REDEEMED! I said, The Time IS Redeemed and even that which the Locusts have eaten will come back with Multiplication and SUDDENLY you will SEE it! I will do it for My Namesake and My Glory, says the Lord of Hosts.”


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The Lord showed me a Tsunami of His Spirit and I has a vision of the water rushing out just like it does before a Tsunami hits and just like many of our lives recently seem very dry and we have heard of this blessing coming but things seem to be worse for a moment before they get better, and then – the water rushes in.

And the Lord said, “When this Tsunami of My Spirit comes it will further separate not only the wheat from the tares but also the wheat from the chaff at the heart level. What ever direction you have been headed in, will be Accelerated and a very CLEAR DISTINCTION will be made between those who’s hearts are truly Mine and those who have not truly given their hearts over to Me and My will. Those who are IN MY SON will see the fulfillment of all that I have promised and those who are not in MY SON will see further destruction and condemnation.” (It is not God punishing us, we have to understand that the only safe place IS In Christ) He said, “This distinction will be made by and because of My MERCY, so that those who where not able to see where their hearts where before, because they were blinded by pride, will now be able to see and choose to Repent and Return again to Me. For I have loved you from the beginning and I wish that all would return again to My heart and to My will and to My ways, says the Lord of Hosts.”

God is so Gracious and loves us so much and wishes that none would perish. Father thank You for Your Mercy and Your Grace and that You have not left us or forsaken us. Father, help us all to return again to You and come into the Fullness of all that is IN YOU. Help us by Your Grace to make our hearts ready, in Jesus Mighty Name we pray, amen.

The Tsunami of His spirit is about to hit, are you ready? Glory to God Alone!!!

My friend Sue Jackson said, “You will be riding the wave.”

Then I heard the Lord say, “Those who are IN ME will not be overcome by this wave, but they will be riding this wave in to shore and they will USHER it in by My Spirit.”

(1 Samuel 30:18-19, Jeremiah 23, Matthew 3, Joel 2:25)

Wendy M Christie is a Prophet, Published Author, Minister & Prophetic Psalmist at Chad & Wendy M Christie Ministries in Northern IL. She is a wife and a mother of 5. Chad & Wendy’s Ministry is an End Time, Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry Focusing on Healing, Deliverance, Mentoring & Equipping the Body of Christ for the End Time Harvest of Souls. Wendy is the author of, “A Journey In The Prophetic” – Volume 2 to be released soon… Chad & Wendy’s Ministry has a following on FaceBook of over 17,000 around the globe. Currently they are touring the US with their Apostolic/Prophetic team holding Conferences called, “THE HAPPENING – In Spirit & IN Truth.” Wendy is also available for separate speaking engagements as the Lord leads. For more information on the Ministry, Visit WendyChristie.com or email us at [email protected].


A Word by Dana Jarvis

Do not wait for the tide of your situations to turn, but keep contending for what God has promised to you. You face a choice right now which is contend for the ground that God has given to you through His Word of promise, or hold back.

Do not give place to fear or hesitancy that would keep you from stepping up into the power of this warrior anointing he is releasing. It is time to press through! Don’t settle for less than what Jesus has already paid for. Don’t put up with less than what Your Father has appointed for you.

I am speaking to several when I say all it takes is one step of faith for your release. Sow a special seed right now for your need as the anointing is flowing. God will open the windows of Heaven for you. Partner with this powerful ministry to impact the world for Christ. The blessings are on the move! Get ready to receive what God has for you. Take a moment and sow a love offering into Spirit Fuel as an act of faith. It is at that moment you are stepping out on this decree. You are ready to receive! As you give, you shall receive overflowing. Your gift of $50, $25, $500, or even $1,000 changes lives of countless others all for God’s glory through Spirit Fuel. As you bless, so shall you be abundantly blessed as well. God will not fail! Thank you for your support and for each love gift given, I decree those accelerated blessings to chase you down one right on heels of another in Jesus mighty name.


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