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Prophetic Insight

The Tale of a Trail Blazer

Many years ago, before I was even born again, my aunt, who is a mighty woman of God, prophesied over me that I would one day be a trail blazer and that I would do great things for God. She had no basis for that word of prophecy, based on what she could see with her physical eyes. In the natural, I was on a slippery slope of sin and destructive behavior. Tangled up in addiction, drugs, and promiscuity, there was no indicator (in the natural) that I would ever be able to get free and fulfill that prophecy.

Fast forward many years later, and some pretty remarkable things have happened. Not only did I become born again at 21, but at 23 my husband and I stepped into the unknown as youth pastors. I look back on those years and now I see that we, unbeknownst to us, we had stepped into God’s “accelerated program”. And by accelerated, I mean that God did more inner healing in me during a year, than I thought humanly possible. I made the transition from ministering out of guilt and obligation, to being compelled by love and compassion. I grew and blossomed in ways I never even knew possible. I began to receive revelations of love from Father, and chains of bondage melted like wax. I never even knew one could be as free as I was, yet there I was, being led by the Holy Spirit out of the captivity that only months ago I had not known I even needed to be freed from.

Many experiences shaped who I am today, but I still will never forget each time God called me out of my comfort zone. Eventually our journey with the Lord brought us to Vinita, Oklahoma where we were the youth pastors in a very small town. I still remember the day that my husband Rene came to me and told me that he believed that God was calling us to leave Oklahoma, and move up to Virginia to plant a church.

I was shocked at his words and I was so angry for him to even suggest us leave the church we were at. I was comfortable! I was happy! Things were going good, so why should we do anything differently? Why rock the boat?! That had to be crazy talking, and surely my husband would come to his senses soon! He said to me, “Well, just pray about it and see what God tells you.” I was too mad to even pray about it, but I kept feeling the Holy Spirit bring it up, and each time He did, I felt impressed that we were indeed to uproot and move to Virginia to plant a church. It was the strangest thing, since only weeks prior, I had been perfectly content and happy with living right there, doing life as usual. At this point I prayed (possibly) one of the dumbest things I’ve ever prayed.

I would encourage you that if God asks you to do something, and you feel like you need a sign, don’t pray this: “Ok God, if you want us to move to Virginia to plant a church, then you’ll have to somehow make it to where I don’t want to be here anymore, doing this.” At the time I didn’t really see what could go wrong, but after praying that, everything went wrong. I had an unrest in my spirit, there was conflict everywhere we turned, and eventually it became crystal clear to me that God was answering my prayer. I came home one day bawling to my husband that I was ready to move. I couldn’t handle any more confirmations!

We moved halfway across the country, and it was not an easy move. I could probably write a very long book on the problems that arose during that move, and on the ways that it stretched our faith, our patience, but ultimately strengthened our bond as a family, and our love for one another. I’m not sure I would even want to write such a book though. If I had to put it into a brief statement, I would simply say that it was a time of suffering that wasn’t in any way enjoyable, but now that it’s over I wouldn’t trade it for anything. God used that very unenjoyable situation, and He turned it around to bless us and train us.

So here we are. In Virginia. Planting this church ==> www.streamsoflifechurch.tv


It’s pretty rockin awesome, but I haven’t always felt confident. The life of obedience isn’t always easy, and there’s always someone who is happy to point at you and let you know you’re doing it all wrong. There are plenty of dream crushers out there, and plenty of people who will advise you to “Just get a real job and quit chasing dreams.” Those people are usually rational and logical people, who are just trying to bring you back down to reality, because they don’t want to see you disappointed. I have yet to meet anyone who shared with me the calling on their life, and I thought, “Wow. That’s very rational and logical. Must be God.”

When God calls you to do something, it’s not to be done in the natural, but in the supernatural. It’s pretty rad how that works.

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One night when I was particularly discouraged, I went to the Lord, and I cried out to Him. I wept before my Father, and crawled into His lap. “People are so mean,” I told my Daddy as tears poured down. “These sheep, they’re crazy,” I said to Him. I cried in His lap while He held me and allowed me to just get it all out, and after some time, God showed me a vision.

I was on a road, and Jesus was there and He said to me, “You are at an intersection. You can choose which road you want, and I will bless either one.” I looked and saw that even though Jesus was saying I was at an intersection, I only saw one road to choose from.

Jesus then said to me, “You see that road. It’s a good road, and it would make a fine choice. Many people put their blood, sweat, and tears into the paving of that road. They paid a high price. They made sacrifices, and they paved a good road.”

Once again, I pointed out to Jesus, that there only seemed to be one road to choose from. As a response, He gestures out into the wild wilderness, and He says, “Well the other road, you see, it hasn’t been paved yet.”

I cried a sea of tears that night. Before, I had been crying out of my own heartache. I had been crying because of the pain of being betrayed by people that I loved, and the feelings of persecution. But now, the tears flowed from a deeper place. A place within me that remembered the prophetic word that my aunt had spoken over me all those years ago, even before I was born again. Suddenly her words echoed in my spirit, “Baby, one day you’re gonna do great things for the Lord. You’re gonna be a trail blazer.” Suddenly it all clicked. It made sense to me that my destiny was somehow rooted in this road that wasn’t even paved yet. Suddenly I knew that there would always be a part of me that would never quite be fulfilled unless I took the road that hadn’t even been paved yet.

I have often had to remind myself of that night with my Jesus, when He held me so tightly in His arms, and reassured me of the calling on my life. Last night He reassured me that He never gets tired of reassuring me, and that if I’ll run into His arms each time I feel uncertain or discouraged, He will faithfully re align my perspective with His.

image This has not been easy. This choice I’ve made to follow the Father’s call, it has come at a cost. I knew at the beginning, that it would cost everything.

I am thankful for a husband who doesn’t lose sight of the calling that Father has entrusted us with. I am undone and utterly in awe of the goodness of the Father, because though we walk through difficult places, do difficult things, and go places that others won’t go, we as a family have terrific peace, and joy that overflows and bubbles over.

You too have a calling on your life. It will not be easy. It won’t fit the mold. It might tick people off. There will probably even be those who will try to tell you you’re doing it all wrong. Listen to the Father. Make it a point to crawl into His lap, press your ear to His chest, that way you’ll always be able to dance to the rythm of Heaven. Dance on, my beautiful friend, and enjoy the melody of His grace.


A Word by Dana Jarvis

Do not wait for the tide of your situations to turn, but keep contending for what God has promised to you. You face a choice right now which is contend for the ground that God has given to you through His Word of promise, or hold back.

Do not give place to fear or hesitancy that would keep you from stepping up into the power of this warrior anointing he is releasing. It is time to press through! Don’t settle for less than what Jesus has already paid for. Don’t put up with less than what Your Father has appointed for you.

I am speaking to several when I say all it takes is one step of faith for your release. Sow a special seed right now for your need as the anointing is flowing. God will open the windows of Heaven for you. Partner with this powerful ministry to impact the world for Christ. The blessings are on the move! Get ready to receive what God has for you. Take a moment and sow a love offering into Spirit Fuel as an act of faith. It is at that moment you are stepping out on this decree. You are ready to receive! As you give, you shall receive overflowing. Your gift of $25, $50, or even $100 changes lives of countless others all for God’s glory through Spirit Fuel. As you bless, so shall you be abundantly blessed as well. God will not fail! Thank you for your support and for each love gift given, I decree those accelerated blessings to chase you down one right on heels of another in Jesus mighty name.


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My name is Amber Picota. I am a wife, pastor, published author, and mother of 3 amazing children. My husband and I moved to Virginia 3 years ago with a dream placed in our hearts by God to plant a life giving church. That church is Streams of Life Church in Winchester, Virginia. I married a crazy guy. And by crazy I mean ridiculously awesome and handsome. I see that he has stolen my heart taken me far out of my comfort zone, and shook me out of a life of complacency. Seriously, had I not met this wild man, I wonder if I wouldn't still just be living in a tiny little town, in my tiny little world, caring nothing for the big world out there, content to just not have anybody rock my boat. But then Rene came along... rocking my boat and such. I'm so glad he came along and shook things up. He awakened something within me, and now we're a dangerous combination of boat rockers. Together, through our authority in Christ, we are a force to be reckoned with: rocking boats, challenging the status quo, planting this church, and believing God for the miraculous. Together we bring heaven to Earth. My kids are awesome little world changers, and it's my pleasure to teach them and train them up in the Kingdom of God. I believe they are history makers, who were born for greatness, and I plan to train and disciple them accordingly. Who knows where God will take it from there, but I am passionate about training leaders to walk in power and authority. I have a desire to see the Body of Christ bring heaven to Earth. I have a desire to mobilize God's people into their dreams. There is a move of God inside of every believer, but most people have been stifled and silenced by dream killers. I want to stir those dreams back up because I believe those dreams are your move of God in the Earth.