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The Treasure Box – A Word by Dannette Garza


In the secret and hidden recesses of your heart, is a treasure box. This box holds the treasures of the spirit and dreams waiting to come to life. Designed with such uniqueness, you are your makers delight. He loves to give you hopes and dreams and fulfill the words that he promised to you.

Jesus is the King of this treasure box and he releases his love songs over you in the night. His promises, went up from within your heart, like a shining star in the night sky. This star gave you a silver lining of hope, to know that there would someday be more than this difficult life. For a very long time you followed the star of his prophetic words, waiting for the words to touch the sunlight.

When you heard of his good promises for your life, you bowed down to worship. He is the King of all days, he is exalted. He stepped down into darkness to help you. Like a special shell on the ocean floor, he picked you up and chose you. He wrote his name upon you, and said “this one will always be mine”. With the deepest love, he writes his name upon you, JESUS CHRIST.

Inside of your treasure box, he has placed his riches. The gold is his Kingship that sets the captive free. The fear that once controlled, is no more with the perfect love of Jesus, healing the heart and soul. The frankincense is his loving intercession for you. Even the palms of your hands are constantly pressed against his heart. The myrrh is his work on the cross that has broken every curse and brings you into his royal inheritance.

In this treasure box there is a healing oil for you. It will heal away the brokenness and bring the beauty of new life. Beauty emits from this box, and it consumes away the ashes of yesterday. Like a stained glass window, his promises shine through the brokenness to give beauty and light. You are more beautiful than you ever realized, as he shines his colors through you. Even the hardest hearts cry out for him, as they see his light shining through you.

He knows the details of your heart, he knows what makes you cry. He knows what dreams dance around in your heart, he knows the plans that you long to live. He knows you’re longing to encounter his love and finally look into his eyes that burn with the flames of pure love.

His deliverance angels have already been working tirelessly to clear the way for you to enter into your promised land. These angels have been like busy bees, taking the fragrant love of Jesus that is hidden in your heart, like nectar from a flower. As a honeycomb holds honey, Jesus holds every promise together, nothing is ever lost, only waiting to be made new. His word of promise is the sweetest honey and he will consume your treasure box with the flames of his intentional love.

“Inside this treasure box, there is an Ark Encounter of his love prepared for you.”

He is the King of Glory and he is rising from the depths of your heart, with healing in his wings. His word is the like the key that opened up the door. His mercy sings over you, as he rises like the sun, to bring the morning light. His anointing will cause your enemies to be like ashes under the soles of your feet. His light is breaking through.

Shooting out of his mouth is the sword of his word and with his breath he destroys the wicked from their place. Just as an Ark rescued his chosen Moses and Noah, his Ark will rescue you. It is the Ark of his presence that is burning up the thorns for you. He has made a way, even before you ever knew. Like a bird, you will fly away from the afflictions and finally come to rest.

As he rises over your life to fulfill his prophetic words, the wicked ways of the enemy become like stubble that is burned up in his magnificent light. He is the King of all days, so highly exalted. Every enemy will bow in his sight.

As Jesus takes over, with his government authority, you will have an encounter with him. He is redeeming the past and giving back what has been lost and stolen. Justice will be done through his redeeming love. He is singing a love song rescue. Like a vehement flame, his love burns, it is so jealous for you. It burns and burns and does not stop. There is no path of understanding to know his great love. It is richer than mere words can be told. He has set his heart to rescue you.

In the ark of his presence, you are seated on his mercy seat. There is a lover and there is a song. He has written this one just for you. He has given you his word as a seed and he has chosen you to blossom and manifest those words. You have been chosen to come near and encounter his ravenous love. He will stand as a banner over you and his resting place is glorious.


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The presence of his love swirls around you and he whispers, “do not fear my love. I have plans for you and they are better than you can imagine. I will bring you out from your burdens and rescue you from your afflictions. I have heard your prayers and seen your tears.

I will give you the desires of your heart and carry out the dream that I have given to you. Like superman, I will save the day. I will rescue you, like a lover rescues his bride. I have chosen you to be mine, as my jewel of adornment and beauty. I have seen your suffering and I know your sorrows. When you were alone and you cried, I was with you. Even then, I was singing my plans over you.

I will stretch out my hand and strike your enemies with my wonders. I know it has been dark and at times it was hard to see the hope that was twinkling from my star of promise. When the night was trying to move your heart away, I was holding on to you.

You will enter into my land of promise fulfilled with joy and singing. The beauty of my love will turn your heart to fall and worship me again. In your hand I place the silver spoon of privilege, as you receive the prosperity of my inheritance.

I will cover you in my presence, I will overlay you with the gold of my glory. My testimony will be carried with you of the great and mighty things I have done. This is my love song rescue for you. The milk will flow like abundant riches and the honey will be the sweet love that I bring through the promises that I will perform for you.

I will encounter your steps with my love. In this place, you will know my word, not just in hearing, but in sight. You will break through into freedom from all that opposes you and you will come into encountering the fire of my love for you. Every promise will hold true.

A crown of inheritance I place upon your head. It is covered in the diamonds of my word. I take your hand to bring you into your new life. Sweetly I sing over you, the honey of my word. I am your King and my love is burning up every fear. On your finger I place a ring of my promise, to know that you can always trust in me. I am always good to you.”

Suddenly the sun rises up to bring an end to the affliction of night. The one who wrote the love song is fulfilling each word. Like a sword coming from his mouth, the word blazes forth, to bring the victory from the fight. In this moment you will receive a new testimony. This is a love song rescue that was written in the fire of Jesus. His love is breaking through like a rising Glory Light.

Deep inside your treasure box, the King is rising up, to bring the morning light. In Joy you will be free from all that the night was holding. The pressure only caused the diamonds to come dazzling through. Jesus will lean over to kiss you with a new day, as he grins and says,

“Good Morning, I am in love with you”.

Dannette Garza

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by Jo Ellen Stevens

Hello Spirit Fuel Readers. I wanted tell you a story about something that happened to me a few years ago in a Summer not unlike many Summers that My husband and I had for many years of learning God’s provision. This particular Summer it had been very hot and humid and truly it seemed like one of the leanest Summers that we had in a long time.


We were Pastoring a small church at the time and we both had been working at the school for many years and each Summer we had no jobs and had to trust God for the provision for how we were going to live through that few month period. This summer was no different. At the end of the year I would always start getting this feeling of almost panic wondering how we were going to make it that Summer. This particular Summer when that panic hit me, God said “ I want you to take the money that you have in your purse and send it to a particular ministry. I was like “but God that is all that I have and it may have to last….”


Being Obedient, I went on-line and sent the money that He told me to. A few weeks later, I was outside in what seemed like the hottest day of the year. There was not a breeze to be felt, when suddenly, this little cool breeze came across me and I said out loud.,“THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT BREEZE!” He spoke to me that day as I said that and said. “I AM GOING TO REFRESH YOU ON A BREEZE DAUGHTER.” I thought, “what could this mean? I got up from there and went into the house that day and no sooner did I get in there until the phone rang. It was a member of our church and the woman on the other end said “my husband and I want to buy you a new car! We were looking at a couple of them and saw a particular one and it was called a “PLYMOUTH BREEZE!” That night we went to get the BRAND NEW RED BREEZE and we drove around and around that town in it, feeling like millionaires. The Lord at one point told me to look at the new car next to me and said, “see that car” and I said, “yes Lord!” he said, “the blessing of the Lord it makes rich and he adds no sorrow with it!” I said, “What do you mean Lord?” He said. Well, you have a new beautiful car and so do they but, they have a payment book and you do not!"  

You see, what it’s all about is obedience! Obedience and thanking God for the small things like the little breeze that came over me that day and obedience even in the small things. I didn’t think my small offering that day would do anything, but in my obedience we reaped a great harvest and refreshing!” Not only that, God let me know that year that he saw and he heard my plight! This is why when God says sow a seed, he has bigger plans for it than you can imagine or think. My friends, obedience is key! I want to encourage you, that if you are reading this and feel led to sow a seed into this ministry, that God is faithful to refresh you and show himself strong in your time of need! Not only that, He always gives back, pressed down, shaken together and running over!” He wants to show you His faithfulness in your life and wants you to know that you know that it came from Him!

Arise Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens

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