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The Wells of Wales Are Opening – A Word by Wayland Henderson

Wayland Henderson

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I have been hearing this phrase in my spirit for some time now that the “Wells of Wales are opening up”. God used Rees Howells and a young generation along with him at the Bible College of Wales in an unprecedented fashion to shape international events and the destiny of nations through intercession. Their intercession was the solution as the world was in crisis during the World War.

“I want to know that the Holy Spirit is stronger than the devil in the Nazi system. This is the battle of the ages, and victory here means victory for millions of people.” –Rees Howells

(Grubb 274)

The reopening of the College of Wales had served as a sign to our generation. As we enter this New Era, God is opening the wells of intercession in the nations where in strategic locations where hubs and kingdom centers will be established as embassies of the kingdom where the heaven and earth converge. The womb of intercession will bring an outpouring of cleansing to expose the enemy on an international level. 

The decade of the Pey (mouth) 5780/2020 will also be the time of birthing through the opening of the mouth to declare what we have received from His mouth in the realm of His glory. The roar of the Lion of Judah will release a sound of victory through intercession that will shutter and shake nations with the message of the Kingdom of glory in preparation for a New Age of Kingdom Advancement.  There is a sound of wailing coming forth out of Wales that will release the roar of the Lion as we enter into the roaring 20’s the Era of Reformation.

Wails and Travail

Presently, a remnant of people who are hearing the sound of the voice of the Lord are being summoned to the College of Wales to receive impartation to “wail and travail for the deliverance and destiny of nations”.

Just as the College of Wales stood as place of authority in crisis, God is inviting us into to be the solution in the midst of coming crisis in the nations. We will see schools of intercession that stand as prophetic wombs marked by groaning and travail until reformation comes by seeing Christ fully formed in their regions and nations they are assigned to. These will become places where kingdom authority is birthed throughout the nations to those who have completely given their life to prayer. 

N.T. Wright declares “God’s whole creation is groaning in labor pains, says Paul, waiting for the new world to be born from its womb. The church, God’s people in the Messiah, find themselves caught up in this, as we, too, groan in longing for redemption. (Paul was talking, a few verses earlier, about sharing the sufferings of the Messiah. Did he, perhaps, have Gethsemane in mind?) Christian prayer is at its most characteristic when we find ourselves caught in the overlap of the ages, part of the creation that aches for new birth”.

As creation groans in travail, Kingdom embassies where intercession and worship converge on an international level, will give birth to revelation and wisdom that produces strategy along with tangible results. They will not just be houses of prayer but houses of answered prayer for all nations. 

Kingdom ambassadors that carry the word of reconciliation and function as messengers of His Face will ascend and descend as act as intercession interpreting the heart of the Father and releasing from their mouths Rhema words that will reframe culture in the midst of crisis (Hebrew 11:3).

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