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The Winds Of Change Are About To Blow – A Word by Nate Johnston

Nate Johnston

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A few nights ago I woke up just after midnight and felt to pray and go stand outside. As I did I heard God speak so clearly “The winds of change are about to blow!” The strange thing is that it was eerily quiet, like complete silence and no wind. Almost like catching the stillness of waters for the minutes in between tides. Then I heard it again, “The winds of change are about to blow!”

The next morning we woke up to the most chaotic winds that I have seen in a long time with trees bending around our yard and anything not secured flying around. I knew God woke me up the night before to show me what was about to come…

“And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting” Acts 2:2

And suddenly… there came a sound of a rushing mighty wind. Out of nowhere, the winds are about to blow and cause those who have been in waiting to be SENT & RELEASED into the new thing. Suddenly the winds will blow, those who have been empty will be filled to overflow, and the new chapter will begin.

The winds of change are the winds of the government of heaven being released to usher in the new wineskin and fresh move of the Spirit. It’s the winds of awakening being sent to revive tired and weary warriors who died on the battlefield of the last move. It’s the winds being sent to restore dry bones to life and awaken a mighty army who have been in slumber. It’s the winds released to put the fire back in the bellies of those who have grown cold. It’s the winds sent to uproot those who have been stuck in limbo and wilderness and to reposition them where they will thrive. It’s the winds of the breakthrough and sudden breaking through once menacing obstacles. It’s the winds of a new beginning and a new chapter for the Church.

It’s the winds of new blueprints and mission orders being handed out to those who just can’t do the old thing anymore. It’s the winds of change sent to commission God’s new era “change agents”. And it’s here! Can you feel it?

Get ready for change. Not the kind of change that scatters but the kind that plants. Not the kind that unsettles but the kind that establishes and settles scores. At first, it may look like chaos in the natural but God is bringing that which has been out of sync and out of alignment back into order. It will look messy and unfamiliar but it will be the catalytic event that will mark many for the days to come. So get ready for your new mission orders. Get ready for your weather to change out of nowhere as God now finishes what He started.

As I write this I feel an intense recompense on the wind. It’s the winds of God TURNING situations around that have been against you. It’s the mounting injustices and demonic taunts surrounding you at every point trying to keep you bullied and confined to a corner. The winds are here to deliver you from the hand of the enemy where he thought he had you in checkmate. The winds are also here to set people free who have been walking in spiritual blindness. Suddenly your eyes will be opened and you will lay down the cards the enemy set you up to play that was a diversion from your path. You can’t play culture’s game and follow the Spirit at the same time, so watch as God suddenly changes the hearts of those who have been mixed up.

The winds are going to QUICKEN God’s plans in the nations of the earth, so look for areas where evil has been thriving and watch as God begins to take back the keys and send people into key roles. The winds of change are the changing of the guard so look for those God re-mantles for the days ahead. Their message has been changing. Their focus has been changing. And now watch as God suddenly picks them up and plants them in their new assignment. We are entering an hour, a moment of action, to set the captives free and push back against the darkness that has been usurping our influence and territory. We are getting our keys back!

And hearts will come alive again. You will come alive again! Watch as the winds of change purge your heart of pain, trauma, and deep-seated grief that has been wallowing in your soul. For it’s time for your weather to change and for the winds to come and stand you back up after a season of crawling and barely surviving. So I pray today over you, “Holy Spirit come, revive us, renew us, and lead us out of the rut into the place you are going in Jesus’ name!”

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