Helene Nordboe is a mighty prayer warrior and a revivalist who carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. She has a great heart for people and carries a prophetic voice that inspires and challenges believers to pursue their intimacy with God. Helene is the Founder and Executive Director of Scandinavian Prophetic Institute, co-founder of the mission association Reformation Scandinavia and the School of the Supernatural, Sweden.

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There is a marching-order going out from the heavenlies – A Word by Helene Nordboe

Helene Nordboe

During one of my morning prayer times I heard “Dominion, dominion, dominion”. I was reminded about a word that I released a few years ago, “There is a marching order going out in the heavenlies”. As I heard that sentence I saw an army that was called, but not ready to march or go to war. They were not ready to take dominion in their families, cities, or nations. The army was not in the same tune or level with each other so they could not march like a powerful army. They could not stand on the wall as watchmen shoulder by shoulder.

Today I hear the same words, “There is a marching order going out in the heavenlies”. As I hear these words today I see a few soldiers that has been fighting hard to take dominion. They are tired and weary of their battle. I prophesy to you today that the Lord will give you supernatural strength for the days ahead. Your lonely marching is over, and the Lord will bring people who will stand shoulder by shoulder with you. People who know how to war in the spirit and take dominion.

The call is still hanging in the atmosphere “There is a marching order going out in the heavenlies”. Do you hear the call to start to take dominion in the spiritual realm over your city, region, and nation?

There is a sound of an alarm in the Spirit. Soldiers take your position. It is time to focus. Take our eyes off the distractions from the natural and look into the supernatural. Soldiers it is time to march, fight, conquer and take dominion. Will you take heed and rise up? God is calling the watchmen to arise to take back territories and fight against wickedness in the nations!

Watchman arise, take dominion. Hear the sound of the alarm and the marching-order that is going out in the heavenlies. Prepare the ground for God to come with a Holy visitation.

Isaiah 13:4 MSG

Hear the noise on the mountains!

Listen, as the vast armies march!

It is the noise and shouting of many nations.

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has called this army together.

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